Try the color therapy in the shower to improve your mood

LED shower

They say that a shower is relaxing, that when we dive under the falling water (hot or cold, depending on the time), we are in a state of intense happiness and relaxation, so that even some dare to sing.

It is one of the situations where experts say the human body, so it can be termed as a kind of primitive memory and remembering his stay in the womb, protected, feel safe and therefore in a state of relaxation intense.

LED shower
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Whether or not true, what is certain is that it is always nice to take a shower but what if above this collaborate further improve our mood? Could that be possible?

To do this we will use a technique called color therapy based on the combination of lights, enhanced in this case while we shake shower when water drops on our body, in a similar process in the basics that you may have experienced in some spa or spas.

It is using a shower that has small LED next to the points where the water comes out, some LEDs that change color randomly according to the water temperature at that point this out.

Therefore, we would see a red LED in case of hot water or bluish if the water is cold, although there would be more colors depending on the temperature to be regulated and synchronized automatically.

The basis of the idea, and used for centuries but of course, much more rudimentary forms, is that color influences our mood and this is further enhanced if we are in a pleasant environment.

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All based on some studies linking colors with moods that explain that for example red is a stimulating color, green improves mood and helps boost the body’s defenses and blue helps achieve a state of relaxation.

Of course, we are not talking about the quick shower than we in the morning before going to work; it must be a slow and contemporaneity shower.

And all this has been more affordable now, popularizing this technique through the use of LED, low cost and low energy consumption make it possible, placed in the shower head, are easy to use and installation by users.

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