4 Sets of speakers to bring the cinema to your living room

4 sets of speakers

If we want to mount a genuine system of home theater quality, the best option is to an A / V receiver and a good set of multichannel speakers to provide us with sufficient power and great channel separation. In the shops, we can find many brands and models, but in general, we should flee the cheapest made of plastic and drivers of small size.

Do you have to spend a fortune to enjoy a good sound? Needless. There are relatively inexpensive alternatives with which to enjoy the spectacular movies without asking for a second mortgage, as the following sets of speakers specially designed to mount our home cinema.

4 sets of speakers
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Onkyo SKS-HT993THX

The SKS-HT993THX is a kit of 7.1 Onkyo speakers brand medium sized wooden boxes sealed – type bass-reflex end. Three identical speakers for the front trio, in setting two-way dual 5-inch woofer that comes accompanying a 1-inch tweeter soft dome with a total frequency response are included between 50Hz and 45KHz.

4 surround speakers are slightly larger, with a singledriver 5.25, the same frequency response and the same tweeter. They support a maximum power of 130 watts with a nominal impedance of 6 ohms and have THX certification.

They also have the support of a powered subwoofer that will handle play bass and sub – bass thanks to its generous 12-inch driver and 125 watts RMS power. The price? Some 799 dollars.

Dali Zensor Pico

Dali presented in late summer their new computer speakers home theater belonging to the range Zensor Pico, whose main characteristic is presented in a very compact format but maintain good ability to generate power with a maximum SPL of 103 dB.

They use a driver for medium-low frequencies of 4.5 inches in rear bass-reflex configuration that is accompanied by a one-inch tweeter for treble and together achieve a frequency response between 62 Hz and 26.5 KHz.

They are designed to create a set 5.1 or 7.1 with the model Zensor Pico Vokal as acenter channel and subwoofer E-9-F brand. Have an impedance of 6 ohms. A sensitivity of 84 dB and has to be connected to an amplifier between 40 and 125 watts. The price is around 249 dollars for each stereo pair and 129 dollars plus center speaker, with a 5.1 configuration will cost us about 800 dollars, depending on the subwoofer we choose.

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Polk Audio T Series

Polk Audio was proposed this year to renew its range of input and it launched the new T Series, consisting of three speaker models with affordable prices that can complement later with a subwoofer of the brand or already have at home.

It consists of three different models: T50, a speaker column with three 6.5-inch drivers for mid-bass (one active and two passive radiators) and a one-inch tweeter featuring a frequency response between 38Hz and 24 kHz with a recommended maximum power of 150 watts.

A center speaker, model T30, with two 5.25-inch woofers in rear bass reflex configuration, one inch tweeter, the same frequency response and maximum power of 100 watts. And the surround speakers, the T15, monitor shelf format a 5.25-inch driver, bass-reflex configuration front and 0.75 – inch tweeter featuring a frequency response between 60Hz and 24kHz with a power 150 watts peak.

Recommended prices are $129.95 for each T50 tower, other 129.95 for the T30 center and 99.95 for each of the T15, to which we must add the amount of the subwoofer you want.

Klipsch Reference Premiere Dolby Atmos

If we have an A / V compatible with Dolby Atmos probably suits us buy a set of speakers capable of reproducing the surround effects of the new format, as the Reference Premiere Dolby Atmos of the Klipsch brand that were announced a few months ago for this purpose.

It is a modular series includes models RP-280F column, additional Chutes Atmos to place on other speakers already have, model RP-140SA, and a large central channel model RP-450CA. They all have Tractrix Horn Hybrid technology brand to shape titanium tweeters with a dispersion system of improved frequencies and elegant design of the woofers with copper hues.

The towers have a frequency response between 32Hz and 25kHz and support a power of 150 watts (600 watts with peaks) and another 75 watts on the upper Atmos channel. The center, meanwhile, has a response between 58Hz and 25kHzwith a power supported 150W RMS. Recommended in the manufacturer’s website prices are $2400 for the pair of RP-280F, another $ 500 for the pair of RP-140SA and $ 850 more for the center speaker RP-450CA.

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