Whirpool Zera about recycling organic accelerated our kitchens


Whirpool has presented a curious appliance designed for single – family homes in which we have a good garden we need to pay from time to time and a generous kitchen in which to install a large – scale apparatus.

It is Zera a device focused on the recycling of organic waste we generate every day at home and usually throw away but can serve as organic fertilizer following a simple process.

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Zera claims to be able to perform a complete cycle of transformation of waste into fertilizer in just 24 hours. For this you introduce food waste, a product with an additive that ensures faster break them down and press the power button.

The machine controls the conditions of temperature and humidity introducing a flow of purified air through a filter, stirring, heating the waste until it is completely crushed and transformed into fertilizer, at which time the total waste volume will be reduced by one third of the original.

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Price and Availability

At the moment Zera is not for sale because it will be officially unveiled at CES January 2017 at an estimated cost of $ 1,200 unit, the quite high for what becomes a machine for making homemade compost truth.

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