Planning the Perfect Party

If you are planning a party for someone, you need to get it right and be well organised. Here are some of the things to do to help you plan a successful and enjoyable party…

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Plan your Budget – Before you do anything at all, you need to decide what your budget is. Once you have an idea of what you are going to spend, then you can start to make arrangements with this in mind. Planning how much you are going to spend on the event beforehand means that you aren’t going to end up going over the budget.

Make a Guest List – The next thing to do is to get a guest list together. Make a list of everyone who will be invited. Doing this early on not only means that you are giving people plenty of notice, but also means that you are aware of the size of the venue that is needed for the number of guests that will be coming to the party. You can send people a save the date card so don’t worry about finalising all the arrangements at this point.

Decide on a Venue – This is where you can start thinking about where the party is going to be held. You have lots of options here, from hiring a place like a hall or a function room, to hiring a marquee from somewhere like this marquee hire Worcester based company . Check the capacity of the venue to ensure that it is suited for the number of guests, and also consider how people will get there.

Arrange the Food and Drinks – Once you have the venue all sorted, you need to think about what sort of food will be served at the party as well as drinks. Sometimes the time of day or time of year can influence your decision, for example, a summer party might make a barbeque or hog roast a good option.

The venue you book may have the option to provide food and drink, or you might want to find a catering company or mobile bar that can offer this.

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Arrange Entertainment – What entertainment is going to be there? Many people like to have a dance at a party, so you could go for a disco, or a live band. You might want other entertainment too, something to keep kids occupied for example, or entertainment during the meals.

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