Tovala oven knows what food you are going to cook thanks to the bar code detection

Tovala oven

The oven is an essential appliance in smart kitchens that shows us the future of science fiction, with equipment that is practically capable of cooking food without our intervention.

The model that we bring you today does not reach much but it approaches in a curious way, offering both the oven itself and a food system prepared to cook in it in an automated way. This is Tovala, with the appearance of a microwave but that hides inside some curious tricks.

Tovala ovenYou can bake, steam cook, roast, and operate as a conventional oven and as a microwave, heating foods in a traditional way by using the front controls. However, the interesting thing about the invention are its WiFi connectivity and its ability to recognize recipes.

Through an app for the mobile we can choose recipes and the system will guide us step by step in the use of the oven leaving the final cooking process in the hands of the device. But also, the key point of the invention is found in home delivery.

Tovala oven

The idea is that we can order a series of menus to domicile or in precooked format and with individualized disposable containers ready to be placed in the oven. After having them at home we place them next to the door and a code reader is in charge of finding out what food and recipe is, selecting the appropriate mode or cooking modes.

It is not only a system to determine how much each dish needs to be heated, but also to go further by selecting each type of operation, such as starting preheating, then roasting, cooking with steam or whatever.

Tovala oven

Price and availability

Worth? Well the idea is not bad, and the oven is cheap, since it costs about 350 dollars. The problem is that we must buy the food to the brand (currently only in the United States), which has an impact on higher prices. In fact, each menu costs 12 dollars and we can order 12 each week.

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