Ten tips to insulate your house

Insulate your house

proper insulation is presented as the best alternative to prevent loss of heat or cold on the inside of our house and allow us to go for maximum savings to make ends meet and reduce pollution levels require less energy for cooling or heating.

The way to know where the heat loss from your house occur and act accordingly so is by conducting an energy certification of the property by a qualified technician. Energy consumption linked to the air conditioning and heating accounts for between a third and half of all households.

Insulate your house
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How to insulate your house

To maintain proper thermal insulation on the inside of our house, looking for the maximum comfort and well as pursuing from healthy living, we must keep in mind some tips:

  1. In the case of windows, we can use rubber strips on the edges so that the heat cannot escape or penetrate the cold outside. Do not forget, either, to use double windows, since its insulating capacity is greater than simple. We will talk about them later.
  2. With order to isolate the glass in the windows can choose to wrap it with bubble wrap, providing air balloons into the glass. Although it is not very careful from the aesthetic point of view, it will help us to keep our house cool quickly.
  3. Carpet ready in the different rooms of your home can help reduce heat loss. Similarly, if you put newspapers under the rug you can enhance its insulating function.
  4. The Double glazing and frames with thermal break will help us to avoid differences in temperature between the exterior and interior. These frames contain an insulating material between the inner and outer parts thereof. Through this type of windows we have guaranteed the disappearance of consolidations.
  5. To avoid the fact that water vapor from leaking into the room through the capillary walls can use insulating materials such as mineral wool or gypsum with a bar built steam, consisting of an aluminum film bonded to one side of the insulator.
  6. Also can use weather stripping on doors. We refer to metal strips with brooms and sponges which are screwed into the bottom of the doors to keep out the cold. For ease of installation you can choose to weather stripping-pad, in addition to offering a similar maximum insulation take care of your home decoration.
  7. In the case of the walls you can choose one by fiberglass sheets, polyurethane or cork, to coat plates with padre subsequently. In case you do not drive in the installation of these materials, you can always serve shelves and tables so that they can ward off the chill of the room.
  8. A in isolating a roof, you can help one or more layers of dough with rigid elements such as plasterboard or wood and soft spring with absorbers such as expanded polystyrene plates. This same dock or insulating member may be affixed to the ceiling with glue. Plasterboard or wood are usually placed as a false ceiling with metal straps or profiles.
  9. An effective to insulate the walls we find represented ​​with the rock wool on the camera method. These wall linings are formed by plaster or plasterboard walls that rise about 10 cm from the walls.
  10. With order to isolate the most noise, you can also opt for wood pallets. These soils are warm and damp the most annoying sounds. Effective and environmentally friendly option, but today, it is unusual use as flooring. The tiled floors are also good and do not require additional materials.

On the other hand, we can find insulating materials to be considered in the construction of housing, the most common concrete, plastic sheeting, hollow brick or synthetic stucco.

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