Three front door colours that are said to bring good luck into your home

A front door can say a lot about the personality of the homeowner, but did you know that some colours are thought to bring positive energy and luck?

In addition to being linked to the placement of furniture, feng shui deems some colours unlucky. On the flipside, there are several colours that are seen as being lucky and encouraging positive energy. This makes them an excellent choice for a front door.

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Let’s take a look at three of these lucky colours and the reasons why this is the case:


You probably won’t be surprised to see red on the list. It is a colour that is linked with many positive things, such as success, good fortune, power, and prosperity. It is often used at weddings and is prominent in New Year celebrations. Red can be a genuinely transformative colour.


Various shades of green are associated with positive energy and are linked with growth and prosperity. Green is a calming and natural colour; on a front door, it is one of the most welcoming colour options. It also has a revitalising element and can be paired with greys or other shades of green.

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It may be something of a surprise to see black on this list; however, according to feng shui experts, black promotes good energy and balances the synergy within your home. It denotes maturity, wisdom, and healing, and is a particularly classy option for brick homes.

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