How to detect faults in our microwave


The microwave is the perfect place to heat food or drinks we want in seconds or minutes apparatus, but many times the system may fail or function incorrectly. To avoid complications and have to resort to buying a new appliance, we are going to teach to detect and remedy the most common faults.

Ways to detect malfunction in the microwave

Many times, even if there is a malfunction, our microwave can continue to operate but emit a series of signals that we are going to indicate a problem. » Read more

Star Clean – New oven cleaning system

Star Clean

Current furnaces, each day we offer more features, improvements in electricity consumption, and better results in the preparation of food, providing moisture and improving the cooking process.

This article will talk a spectacular novelty in relation to cleaning ovens. This innovation is the Star Clean system, and submitted the brand Whirlpool home appliances. » Read more