Do you like retro? These Becken refrigerators are an alternative to give a vintage touch in the kitchen

Becken refrigerators

Surely when we talk about Worten we all think about the great chain of commerce but did you know that it also has its own range of products? Yes, Worten has its own brand called Becken, under which they have presented their personal and new family of Vintage Lovers.

When we go to buy a refrigerator, almost always we come across modern designs that may seem clones, especially when talking about integrated models in the connected home. Unlike these, the Vintage Lovers range, as its name lets you see, is focused for those users who value the option of counting in the kitchen with striking designs and colors.

Refrigerator with retro air

Becken refrigerators

The refrigerators under the brand Becken are designed for lovers of retro and, why not say, for all those who have a kitchen where they can integrate as they have no aesthetic place in one of the rooms that cost more to ride at home.

It is not a single model, because in the Vintage Lovers range we find alternatives in 1-door, two-door and combi formats. The models arrive in green, orange, red or pink and for the most classic in more sober colors such as white, blue or silver.

Being retro we will find details that we have seen in this type of products. The marked angles and integrated controls are abandoned to adopt the curve and the details in metallic finish.

Becken refrigerators

Leaving aside the design, the 1 and 2 door models of the Vintage Lovers range have energy certification up to A ++ in a way that reduces consumption by 30%. For its part, the combi model has the No Frost cooling system. The capacity of these refrigerators ranges from 288 liters of a door model, to 304 liters of the two-door model and 355 liters of the combi.

Price and availability

The Vintage Lovers models of 1 and 2 doors have a price of 599 dollars, while the larger model, the combi type, has a price of 699 dollars. In addition, on the occasion of the launch until July 15 offer a discount of 100 dollars on the purchase.

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