How to buy the best pasta maker?

Many years ago, our mothers or grandmothers always did the homemade pasta, a delicacy that combines perfectly with fish, meat, and vegetables. Today, unfortunately, this tradition has almost been lost, especially for the advent of ready-made foods and an endless variety of dry or egg noodles that invaded supermarkets across the world. Moreover, also the time we have available to do something with our own hands, there is not in favor. Well, you do not know what you are missing! Making pasta at home is simple, inexpensive, and a great satisfaction, as well as delight the palate. » Read more

Knitting through the centuries

The traditional craft of knitting is thought to have originated in the Middle East and the handmade garments were made of natural fibres, such as cotton, wool and silk. The art of knitting consists of the use of two needles to pull and interloop wool into a simple pattern of connected loops to create a finished article that can either be worn on the body, used on a bed or sofa or even made into a soft, cuddly toy for a small child to play with. » Read more

Four Simple Ways To Tell If Your Egg Has Expired 

So, you’ve got a carton of eggs in the fridge that has gone well past its sell-by date. Now what? All is not lost, as the printed date on the packaging isn’t the definite expiration date unlike the games at In fact, most store-bought eggs kept in the refrigerator remain fresh for weeks beyond the stamped date. You can’t rely solely on your eyes and the “best by” date to determine if an egg is still good enough to eat. Plus, contrary to popular belief, the nose can’t always determine an egg’s freshness either. » Read more

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