Facts To Know About Climate Change

The effects of climate change are felt all over the world and can be seen in erratic weather systems and events such as wildfires, droughts and flooding. While governments and large corporations need to make changes to lower carbon emissions, there are also things that homeowners can do to lessen global warming. Whether it is installing solar panels in Worcester, or heat pumps in Birmingham, we can all do our bit. Here are some facts about climate change that might surprise you.
Rise in Greenhouse Gasses

CO2 levels in the atmosphere are the highest they have been for over 4 million years. According to The Guardian, this is caused by deforestation and the increased burning of fossil fuels.

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Increased Demand for Renewable Energy

With efforts being made to lower carbon emissions, there is a growing demand for renewable energy sources. Nationwide, more people and energy companies are looking at alternatives to using fossil fuels to produce energy, from solar panels in Worcester to offshore wind farms in the North Sea.

Increased Climate Activism

One effect of climate change is that people are now more aware of it. Understanding how emissions affect our planet is a key part in promoting positive change. Climate demonstrations and more people becoming conscious of their actions may help to lower carbon emissions in the future. So, those solar panels Worcester and heat pumps in Birmingham are likely to become more common as people work to lower their carbon footprints.

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Climate change is something that affects us all, from changes in our weather to food shortages and increased spread of disease. We all have a part to play in lowering greenhouse gases. By making responsible choices we can adapt to and reduce the effects of climate change and take care of our planet.

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