BrewArt wants to be the Nespresso beer, capsules and attractive design to make at home


That to make beer at home is fashionable and anyone would seize on creating a system that facilitates the process. We have to go to Australia to meet BrewArt, who wants to be something like a Nespresso machine, but instead of coffee, served us beer.

They have created two different systems, one called BeerDroid and has space to create ten liters of beer, and one that reduces the amount by half and answers to the name BrewFlo. In both cases, it has a handle to carry the beer that was created to the corresponding vessel.

These unique gadgets are signed by Coopers Brewery and are not a flash in the eight years since developing lead. Its creators were clear that this to create beer at home was going to be fashionable, and have been quick forming a system that at least seems quite capable of generating a custom drink.

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Capsules with malt or hops

The idea also goes through the ingredients used to brew beer – malt, enhancers, hops, yeast – cashing business also this possible. This is where we find the greatest resemblance to the world of coffee capsules.

Depending on the chosen composition can generate their own or resemble beer styles we know, playing with colors and flavors. To help with this has created a mobile application, which informs us about the status and possible mixtures.

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In the case of BeerDroid also has WiFi connectivity, allowing you to monitor the process from the mobile. We can even be notified when the process is complete and the cerceza is ready to give the shooter.

Obviously creation time beer is not a cafe, but have in common the design of ingredients based on capsules, and a design that can be placed anywhere in the house.

How much they cost? Well are not cheap models available from July: going to ask $800 for BeerDroid and $700 per BrewFlo. For now, they are destined for the Australian market, later to reach the United States.

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