The new proposal of Xiaomi is a washer dryer that arrives willing to integrate into the connected home


It touches to speak of a new incursion of the Asian giant Xiaomi far from the world of the telephony, something that at this height should not surprise us given the great arsenal of products of all type with which the brand with origin in China counts.

It is hard to find homes that do not have any of the brand’s products given the popular price they usually offer and a quality that goes by being fairly tight. We have since intelligences plugs, smart locks, scales, items for the kitchen, one electric motorcycle and even a dustbin and all of them now joins a washer and dryer under the name Xiaomi Mijia Internet Washing and Drying Machine.

A washer dryer of minimalist design that breaks with the trend of offering appliances in gray or colored finish. The Mijia washing machine bets on the traditional white color with which we have all grown, integrating a large door in black and a control panel also in white to offer a stylized appearance.

Xiaomi Entering the functions of a washer-dryer, the Mijia Internet Washing and Drying Machine is a front-loading washing machine with capacity to wash 10 kilos or 6 kilos if it is the drying function. It also offers up to 21 scheduled wash to find the one that best suits our needs.

The information they offer refers to a permanent magnet motor (BLDC) of variable frequency that reaches up to 1,400 RPM. According to the manufacturer, the Mijia Internet Washing and Drying Machine can complete a cycle of washing and quick drying in an hour and this is possible thanks to the use of a series of sensors that allow to determine the amount of clothes to be washed to adjust the washing cycle.

As for the drying functions, the Mijia Internet Washing and Drying Machine uses a hot air system by water condensation. By means of this technology it allows to reach a high temperature with which according to the brand 99.9% is achieved in the sterilization of clothes. A process that also takes care not to spoil the tissues thanks to the “Air Washing” system, with which it seeks that the clothes do not lose fluffiness.Xiaomi

A washer dryer designed to integrate into the connected home that arrives signed by Mijia, a brand that usually works with Xiaomi. To be part of the smart home stands out for offering a connection to the network via Wi-Fi that allows remote control through our smartphone.

Both by this system and by using the integrated control panel, we can choose the washing or drying programs or the time at which we want to start a program. The washing machine is responsible for notifying, either by means of the panel or by notifications in the app, when it has finished its task.

Price and availability

Following the line of other products of Xiaomi, the Mijia Internet Washing and Drying Machine will have an affordable price, close to 300 dollars (1,999 yuan) and entry we can find it only in China from the end of December.

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