Dyson presents wireless vacuum cleaner Dyson V8


Dyson has just presented its latest proposal within the household cleaning equipment. Your vacuum cleaner Dyson V8 that if by something stands out is by the absence of cables of form that we avoided those annoying stumbles in house when we are cleaning and the cable is a deadly trap.

A vacuum cleaner, or vacuum cleaner, according to who comments, is one of the most common appliances but at the same time less used at home and this proposed by Dyson has the peculiarity of running a remarkable battery in autonomy, an aspect that we now begin To be analyzed.

Technical characteristics

The Dyson V8 has a compact and daring design that has an engine that can rotate up to 110,000 rpm to generate enough power vacuum. The problem is that that force consumes a significant amount of energy.

In addition, the engine is placed so that it does not hinder the cleaning process even when we have to access the more complicated sites. And it is physically striking because it seems that we are facing a futuristic brush rather than a vacuum cleaner.

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To feed the engine Dyson has devised a new system of lithium-ion batteries with six cells and a new chemistry, so that with the same size it manages to generate more power, which allows to obtain up to twice the time of autonomy, achieving a duration Of batteries up to 40 minutes.

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To clean has two systems; on the one hand, a cleaning head intended to remove the embedded dirt, more resistant as the hairs of pets. On the other hand a head in the form of a roller that may be the most common to use, designed for dust and dirt on the surface easy to remove.

For the cleaning more difficult, it counts on the Max mode that offers a power. In total 115AW suction, with a new filter that also allows the capture of allergens.

But where does that dirt go? For storage and disposal, Dyson has devised a new system. It is a kind of ejector of dirt much more hygienic than that of its predecessor. The waste is stored in a container sealed by a rubber edge, which are released directly to the trash or trash by simply pulling the top without at any time we have to touch them.

Availability and price in stores

The Dyson V8 is available in stores in two models, one called Dyson V8 Animal for a price of 637 dollars and another called Dyson V8 Absolute for 573 dollars.

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