LG bet on technology for Ultra Surround sound movie in our Smart TV

LG Smat TV

We recently spoke of the new range SUHD Samsung, the new TVs from the Korean company that promise outstanding image quality and now comes the turn to speak again televisions but in this case its neighbor and great rival, also Korean, as LG.

If we have already detailed aspects of its new line Signature, which have no place in tandem both the latest technology to accompany designs and materials premium, now let’s see comment on consisting Ultra Surround, the latest technology in sound for TVs LG.

LG Smat TV
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And it is that although always highlight the value of the image quality in an apparatus such as a television or rather, Smart TV, we cannot overlook another aspect to be taken into account as is the sound, an element sometimes It jeopardized by increasingly stylized bodies of devices coming to market.

Many believe that without a good sounding sound does not offer good quality and in part may be true, but new technologies make this effect is minimized and for this purpose comes Ultra Surround.

LG comes with this system comparable to obtain a high resolution image reproducing its Super OLED TVs and Ultra HD quality. To have created this Ultra Surround, a method which seeks to eliminate the distorted sound, providing a greater range of audio and simultaneously further strengthening of achieving serious.

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To achieve these improvements the system uses (the so fashionable) algorithms, which are responsible for sending the sound in different directions looking to create a similar sensation that can be found in a movie theater. Something likes a total immersion (relatively speaking) in which the dialogues do not lose strength against background sounds or music, so that the end result is a balanced sound quality.

Are so proud of your system from LG said the Ultra Surround sound is able to envelop viewers in all directions thanks to the design and location of your speakers.

OLEDs and Super Ultra TVs combine powerful sound element with spectacular images as 4K. It is a complete experience in picture quality and sound.

A new technology that we hope will contribute to improving the experience that now offer Smart TV, ever closer to achieving that we forget that we are watching a movie at home and closer to the big screen.

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