Steam ovens


The latest addition in the market for ovens, steam ovens are, where cooking through steam and maximum temperatures of 100° C.

Advantages of steam ovens

The advantage of these ovens is that we get a much more healthy cooking, preserving food proteins by the type of cooking.

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The oven produces steam vapor through a tank incorporating, where filled with water, so that when installed, no need to water or sewer connection.

Cleaning is also very easy, as they get dirty very little, and incorporate a cleansing program where all you have to do is to finish the program spend a cloth to collect the remaining water left inside.

This type of oven with steam cooking only, are very useful for all kinds of vegetables, fish, pastry, etc.

There are also models that incorporate steam oven hot air blower, the same system used by multifunction ovens.

This system greatly expand the possibilities of cooking, because we can use it as a normal oven, also as an exclusive steam oven, and combining the two functions of steam and hot air.

Recipes with steam oven

The potential recipe for this type of furnace is infinite. To get an idea, just think to prepare a piglet. With the steam function inside the piece it is juicy and tender by steam and low temperature, and the outside would be golden and crisp thanks to the high temperature and hot air.

If you still want to explore more options of recipes that we can develop, you can also play with the water tank, where we can add herbs of all kinds for different aromas, and even generate steam not with water but with other liquids (white wine, liquor, etc.)

There is also on the market a conventional multifunction oven model, which incorporates a small water tank, and depending upon baking adds moisture into the cavity, thereby improving cooking performance, but not cooking steam.

We think it is a good choice for cooking, and we eat healthier, and leave the routine on traditional recipes.

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