Best economic washing machines

Washing machines

Our editorial team has selected the best economic washing machines in the market for washing programs, energy saving, centrifugal. Read the review to find out our views on features, pricing and best economic washing machines on the market.

Washing machines
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Energy saving is one of the highlights of this product that ensures its functionality for 5000 washes and 10 years, thanks to the motor inverter which increases the effectiveness and stability of the drum movement over time.

It also combined rapid diagnostic system which allows device communication with the service center via the phone.

The main wash cycles were joined by some special data from the particular drum movement programs in 6 different ways for children’s underwear, sports clothes and loads of only cotton, all centrifuged at 1200 rpm.

In our opinion the high basket capacity from 8 kg and A +++ energy class and notable energy savings, also the low noise allows the use of night during the low consumption level.

Washing machines
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The German company Bosch offers this machine that allows the user to save on time or on the amount of energy required to run a wash cycle, through VarioPerfect technology you can decide each time whether to opt for a shorter time or a utility bill lightly.

Still need to save the ActiveWater function that automatically detects the laundry load size and leads into the basket the right amount of water to wash and rinse the clothes.

Associated with normal wash cycles we find that carefully removes all allergens from the leaders, thus helping those who suffer from allergies.

The various programs and functions are set by means of a knob and are shown in a to the LED panel. The centrifuge of 1000 revolutions per minute is adjustable and the basket has a maximum load of 6 kg.

Washing machines
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Simple and functional product of Ariston, with 7 kg Basket meets the needs of an average family.

The different programs clearly listed on the tray for loading the detergent are set by means of a central knob 16 and include washing cycles, including the one to remove allergens.

Energy class A ++ and spin cycles per minute in 1000.

To improve the energy-saving washing water temperature is adjustable, and the stain cycle in our opinion really removes stubborn dirt without pre-treatment even at low temperatures.

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Washing machines
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The large capacity of 8 kg and 1200 rpm spin for a fairly low price are among the first sights of this appliance, in addition to focusing on energy saving functions and class A +++.

Among the various washing programs is noted that at 15° C for colored ensures that the same clean of a cycle at 40° C, in addition through the LCD panel can display the amount of energy used for every operation performed by the washing machine, according to different choices, and to the laundry weight.

In our opinion the induction motor allows the use during the night thanks to the low noise and low vibration, further enhancing the ability to control the amount of energy used by exploiting the energy-saving end.

Washing machines
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Equipped with honeycomb drum which protects the garments during the wash cycles, this device has a basket of 7 kg capacity, with an adjustable centrifugal 1400 rpm and belongs to the energy class A +++.

The various functions that are regulated by a large and tilted LCD display that indicates the remaining time of each cycle.

In addition, each program can be set for specific times to ensure operation in the hours of greatest energy savings.

According to our opinion between different than the short washing cycles it ensures good results in 20 minutes for small loads, also joined to the usual programs we also find that for washing of wool.

Washing machines
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Result of the latest technology this washing machine offers, in our opinion, many features designed to streamline and facilitate the washing operations.

From the LCD display 5 inch color you can set the quality of the fabric, the quantity of the laundry, the water temperature, the type of detergent and the spin speed.

Various combinations can be saved as favorites, while the most widely used generic cycles are stored and displayed on the display. Through the Samsung App dedicated you can do from the remote cleaning by means of smartphones and tablets.

The detergents and fabric softeners are loaded periodically, then through a set of sensors the dosage is automatic, to minimize waste and ensuring greater cleanliness and hygiene.

The engine is Digital Inverter, the energy class A +++ and the warranty is extended to 10 years, finally to optimize consumption kicks in the generator of bubbles that maximizes the solubility of detergent and increase the penetration into the fibers, thus allowing the hygiene of the leaders already at 15° C.

Finally the Optimal Wash program through the use of four sensors identifies the amount of laundry and the quality of dirt for determining the best type and volume of detergent, softener and water needed to properly wash and rinse the laundry.

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