What is the history of popcorn?

Popcorn has a rich history dating back thousands of years. Popcorn had been known and consumed for centuries before this, but the specific name “popcorn” became widely recognised during the 19th century in the United States. The snack’s popularity grew significantly during that time, thanks to innovations in popping technology and its introduction as a commercial snack at fairs and circuses.

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The growth of popcorn

In the late 19th century, inventors like Charles Cretors developed machines that made it easier to pop corn. Learn more about the travelling popcorn machine on the back of a horse-drawn wagon here. Popcorn became a common street food sold by vendors at fairs, circuses, and other public events.

In recent years, the trend of installing home cinemas has surged in popularity. With advancements in technology, high-definition screens, and immersive sound systems, recreating the theatre experience at home is more accessible than ever. Popcorn has become an integral part of this trend, as families and movie enthusiasts can savour the familiar, satisfying crunch of popcorn while enjoying cinematic adventures in the comfort of their own homes.

Popcorn and home cinemas

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Popcorn’s history is a tale of humble beginnings evolving into a universally loved snack. From its ancient roots, popcorn has now become a beloved treat in both theatres and homes.

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