These Bose ceiling speakers allow you to have music everywhere in a functional and discreet way

Bose ceiling speakers

When we talk about audio systems one of the firms that comes to mind is Bose. A firm that has wide range of products in which speakers are protagonists, constituting a wide range to which are added two members such as Bose 591 and 791 II.

It is two ceiling speakers to hide in those ceilings that have the necessary space to house them, especially if it is false ceilings plasterboard or plaster. Speakers with a stylized and discreet design with interesting features.

Usually the use of ceiling speakers is not usual, being it normal to use shelf speakers or tower feet. The variety of roof, it suffers precise installation but also no space, let the free stay cables and allows a better distribution of sound thanks to its placement.

These two new Bose ceiling speakers come into the range that the manufacturer has been called Virtually Invisible and thanks to the use of very discrete frames are, as the name suggests, practically invisible. This is facilitated by the use of a wire mesh that allows paintable thus integrated into the decor and aesthetics of the home or work.

Bose ceiling speakers
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Bose 591

Regarding the Bose 591, we find two speakers before circular ceiling that make up a woofer of 12 centimeters and two tweeters 2 centimeters. These elements are integrated into a body, which has adopted a Bose ways that improve sound distribution throughout the room.

The Bose 591 have the technology Stereo Everywhere you favor the sound distribution throughout the room thus avoiding the existence of blind spots. A way to facilitate the sound in the room or stay, since we can also use them for workplaces.

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Bose ceiling speakers
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Bose 791 II

Regarding the Bose 791 II, these the size of differing woofer used, now nearly 18 centimeters and the two tweeters, now 2.5 centimeters. They have the Stereo Everywhere system to avoid blind spots and offer a circular design with very small frames.

Price and availability

Both models can already be found in stores and specialty stores based on prices near $1180 in the case of Bose 591, an amount that amounts to about $1800 if we opt for the top model, the Bose 791 II.

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