We give you some reasons to be excited to try and use LED lights at home

LED lights at home

If there is a technology that almost without realizing it has occupied a broad aspect of our lives that is relating to the use of LED. One type of lighting that gradually imposed on televisions, lights in the home, vehicles, gadgets, lights, traffic lights, advertising … almost everything we were bulbs before are now LED lights and if you only do not need to look like traditional Christmas bulbs are history.

A slow but firm step in without realizing that we have entered and we have done for some obvious reasons you may not know but they are there, dormant. Some reasons also tell us that the lighting via LED is not the future but the present of our homes and motives have for it.

Before proceeding remember that the LED acronym of Light Emitting Diode come (semiconductor diode that emits light when traversed by an electric current) and the amount of benefits offered when assessing use in the home are devastating.

LED lights at home
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Safer and less polluting

LED lights are safer than traditional bulbs or other types of lamps used for lighting. No risk of bursts or tears and incidentally pollute less, they lack elements such as mercury or tungsten. And if that were not enough, the use of LED reduces CO2 emissions by 80%.

Longer life

An LED bulb will allow a lifespan of up to 45,000 hours of use, you may well think it’s not much, but all together one after another reach a whopping more than 15 years making normal use in a household and all as the lowest consumption we saw before, yet less likely to break.

Do not generate heat pollution

Do you still remember what it meant changing a light bulb after being turned on? You were playing hands if you played directly due to the high temperatures caught, because they needed a lot of energy to achieve light.

In the case of LEDs this is not so, since 80% of the energy consumed is converted into light so that waste as heat is minimal and almost unnoticeable.

You’ll save energy

This advantage comes in relation to the above and since the need for energy to produce light is less, also you will lower the price to pay in the always controversial electricity bill.

And it is that savings of up to 80% energy can be translated into a significant reduction of energy cost in a home that has a lighting LED – based, with a difference of up to 50 dollars when compared with traditional bulbs or almost 300 dollars if we use halogen lights.

Maybe when acquiring thinks they are more expensive, but if you look the long term LED lights provide a good savings for our pocket.

More functional lighting

With the LED lights we can adapt to a large number of circumstances either colors, environments, places … We can use LED lights in places with high temperatures, underwater, adapt to complex shapes generated with a single bulb different colors and for this we will not require complex equipment or assembly systems.

LED lighting has a color index of 80 for 100 while offering different shades of light, either cold or warm, so that we can adjust to the environment at all times we specify.

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Combined with other technologies

There turn bulbs or LED lights with the ability to be controlled from our smartphone with Bluetooth connectivity. So much so that at this time I will change the color of warm white bulb with me to purple writing and everything from the couch at home with mobile.

And the joke is that leaving aside, we can get many more advantages in generating environments than traditional bulbs and all with lower installation cost.

As you can see, they are just six points that make at least we have to assess opt for this type of lighting and as far as possible be replacing lights home … but yes, we must consider some aspects important.

If we are to change an incandescent bulb with a LED we have to check the voltage and the degree of brightness offered to relocate us not disappointed and bought a candle.

In the case of halogen lights we must also bear in mind that the LED light that we buy has the same voltage and type of anchor that we will replace.

Only two precautions that make it advisable, if we are not very well versed in the subject, which let us advise a specialized trade or at least by a trusted person who understands that when we get home are not left in the dark.

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