Get the best sound quality with your Home Cinema following these simple steps in positioning the speakers

Home Cinema

We have spoken many times of how to get a better sound quality at home through quality speakers and sound equipment, but not so often we discussed how to get the best quality within our means and depending on the location of the speakers.

And in this article we will discuss how we put the speakers in our Home Cinema, either in the system variants 2.1, 5.1, 7.1 or 9.1 so that the sound obtained provide the highest quality, always clear, depending on the circumstances of our home, as furniture, space or cabling options.

We go from the need to use these cables (assuming you do not have at home a home wireless Cinema), so we will have to carry out small tasks DIY almost certainly, in a previous study of the meters Cable we may need as well as the places you have to spend, but especially the places where we will place the satellites of our team.

And there are real wonders of theater at home that may remain in mediocrity if we do not carry out proper installation, because no, it’s not about riding a movie theater at home, but at least as near as possible with a few simple tips.

So without further ado let’s see how to place the speakers properly to improve the sound in home theater equipment.

Home Cinema
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For systems 2.1

We start with what we can take as a base, simpler the system but can be more than enough for those who do not have too much space in which to have a greater number of speakers. Let’s see how we configure the two main speakers and subwoofer.

A stereo system that provides two channels of sound, one for the left speaker and one for the right (2.0) which become 2.1 in the case of coming accompanist of a subwoofer enhancing in that case the serious and improving low-frequency effects.

For this situation we must first take into account the minimum distance between the left and right speakers, because this never has to be less than 2 meters, making sure that both are located at a similar height to which our head one is once we are seated or failing that, something above it.

And with regard to the subwoofer, it can be almost any position, much better if it is at the bottom, near the floor, watching that is not cornered and hidden so that hinder the sound output.

With these tips we will obtain optimum quality and sound with a core team, we can also improve if in the case of the “normal” speakers put them angled so that the listener would be the same the tip of an isosceles triangle. Simply rotate about 25 degrees for better sound effect.

If we use systems 5.1

A growing number of speakers, and we go for five, to which comes to add the subwoofer shift. We will specify in more space to place, being the most widespread system and we will see more usually when we go to buy a home theater.

Along with the two previous speakers system we will find a center speaker and two rear left and right, going to see how we place them. We will keep the two basic and subwoofer as in the previous case, so we will explain how to place the new additions.

For the location of the center speaker, whose function is especially dedicated to the reproduction of the dialogue, we must seek that this be placed on the same screen or as close to this position, centered with respect to our TV. If it is not possible under the screen we can place it on it, but always focused.

Regarding the rear speakers, the name says it all and must be located as far as possible a similar height that has the listener’s head at an angle of about 90 degrees, because with these speakers will reproduce Extra sound effects or environmental.

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For systems 7.1

We have already exceeded the average and we’ll play a system that we can classify as top quality. We’re going for seven speakers and subwoofer, so that in an apartment of 50 square meters can perhaps not be the best option to use … but see more detail.

A whole set that we had to subwoofer, basic speakers, front speakers and rear left and right, now we add two other satellites with which we will add two new channels of sound surround so that the sound managed to seem more real.

And as in the case of the rear speakers, these also must be located behind the listener, to the same height as the above (that is, similar to the height of the head) and forming an angle therewith of between 135 and 150 degrees so that no sound mixing and offer optimum quality.

9.1 Positioning Systems

At this point we do not know where we’ll put in a medium sized room (the floors are becoming smaller) nine speakers and a subwoofer, but if you still want to get one this is the ideal distribution (another thing is that then can translate into reality).

The difference with the previously seen is that now we add two new satellites that are to be placed in the front, in front of the listener in order to improve the overall sound and achieve a greater sense of immersion the film, series or projection we are contemplating.

An absolute wonder who sins however, as in the case of 4K TVs, a shortage of adapted content which makes for now exploited options below.

As you can see, this is some advice placement very simple to carry out if we yes, adequate space. We also have to monitor the wiring system to use and the places to spend the entire cable system, either well under the walls, light boxes or under the door frames … but that’s, that’s another story.

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