Samsung is committed to H.265 codec for their new series cameras Wisenet P


Some time ago we told you what were the advantages provided the use of H.265 codec over its predecessor, the h.264. A lower bandwidth consumption and need much less storage without involving a reduction in the resulting quality.

Some factors that have made him a highly interesting for application in areas such as IP cameras option, where the benefits of its implementation are highly valued by the ease they provide for the implementation of these surveillance systems.

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And using this codec arrive three new cameras Wisenet P series of Hanwha Techwin (founded as Samsung Techwin). Three new models are characterized by using the aforementioned H.265 codec in conjunction with a technology such as WiseStream, which adjusts the resulting image based compression and recording type.

These models PNO-9080R a bullet type outdoor camera aimed at making vandal protection features, the camera PND-9080R dome type camera and PNV-9080R.

The three new cameras offer significant savings so that despite generate recordings UHD generate consumption of bandwidth and storage that fail like other systems with support for Full HD and H.264 codec.

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These three new models have features like digital auto tracking (Digital Auto Tracking) that allows the system to follow people or moving objects not to lose details. For use in adverse lighting conditions provide IR illumination, blur detection, wide dynamic range (WDR), display mode hallway (Hallway) and correction of lens distortion.

All three models feature internal storage through the use of SD / SDHC / SDXC memory with up to 128GB as well as being compatible with the use of NAS or PC storage. They also have a viewing angle of 270 degrees and a possibility of rotation of 90 degrees.

In addition, the PNO-9080R camera since it is designed exterior features IP66which makes it resistant to water and dust, while thanks to the IK10 certification is resistant to vandalism. The PNV-9080R model also increases this protection with IP67 certification.

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