Sony presents its new range of LCD-LED TVs of medium and low range for 2018

A few days ago we knew the official sale prices of the new range of Sony LCD-LED TVs for this 2018, the XF90 and XF85 models, with a zone lighting system FALD in the case of the XF90 that promises to keep the good impressions left by last year’s model.

But if we are looking for something more economical than the more than $1099 that will cost these teles, Sony has prepared a new middle and incoming range consisting of the XF80, XF75, WF6 and RF4 series.

Sony LCD and LED TV
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This time it is equipment with lighting from the edges that in the case of the XF80 and XF75 come in sizes between 43 and 65 inches with Android TV and 4K resolution maintaining compatibility with HDR.

They lose the double TDT tuner and although the XF80 is still a “Triluminos” type TV with which a high level of brightness is achieved in HDR content, the lack of the FALD system will not reach the visual impact achieved for example in OLED equipment of the brand or in the XF90.

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Sony LCD and LED TV
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The design has been modified significantly with respect to the equivalent models of last year, almost completely omitting the frame, which in the case of the XF80 is aluminum . In addition, integration with the standard Chromecast protocol is included to send content from the mobile.

Prices? For those of the XF75 series are still to be confirmed, but in the case of the XF80 can already be found on the website of the brand from $999 for the version of 43 inches, $1199 for 49 inches and $1299 if we want the 55-inch version.

Sony LCD and LED TV
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A low range without 4K

If we are thinking of buying a cheap TV that does not offer many additional features and mainly designed to watch DTT channels, then the new WF6 and RF4 ranges could be interesting, although Sony confirms that these two models will not be sold.

These are televisions of which there are not many details but it is known that they will arrive in the spring with LCD-LED panels of type FullHD, with or without HDR and without a platform based on Android TV, although they will include a basic smartTV system with access to some applications such as Netflix or YouTube. Prices and other features are to be confirmed, so we will update as soon as we know more information.

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