Three free applications to control home from your smartphone or tablet

Smart Home

A while ago we have spoken of the possibilities that are using the smartphone or tablet to control our TV in an easy and simple way using for this purpose the various applications, free in many cases, they put at our disposal the respective app stores.

But control by tablet or phone we have only to restrict it to television, but a host of home appliances now offer the option to be controlled remotely. Take for example the lighting by using LED bulbs, air conditioning, blinds, heating systems … a whole world at our feet and to do that better than having care applications, some applications that we will review in this case with three interesting­­ that allow us to have our house in the palm of your hand.

Smart Home
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KNX Houseinhand

It is a free application available for both iOS and Android that will allow us to control the home using the Wi-Fi quickly and easily, offering the ability to manage a variety of devices with a single app.

Thanks to KNX Houseinhand we can remotely control and real – time devices such as lights, blinds, air conditioning, television, stereos, DVD players, IP cameras and so many others, regardless of our location.

Philips hue

The Philips brand is one of the pioneers in offering household products connected and its catalog is extensive, a list of options that this application will allow us to control all added products hue offered by the Dutch brand.

Philips hue we can remotely control lighting products hue we have at home from either bulbs, lamps, alarm clocks … and all at zero cost, because the application is freely available for both iOS and Android.

Hue can be where you want and you can access it whenever you want, from any room, any room, all wirelessly by using a simple and elegant interface.

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Nexho is a free application that can download for both iOS and Android and what is going to allow control of a large number of home appliances from our smartphone or tablet.

Home automation at your fingertips, for which we will have a series of menus that allow you to manage items such as HVAC, lighting, blinds and fixtures, generic electrical equipment, alarms, flood, fire, intrusion … a full list of options that practically covers the use of all our home.

We control what we perform by using Wi-Fi network of our home and nexho NT, a sort of Wi-Fi router that can give us access to all our home appliances that are compatible.

Three more interesting options that will allow us to better control of everything around us and all in the palm of your hand. If you try any of them go ahead and tell us in comments that this has been your experience.

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