LG wants luxury comes to household appliances with its line Signature

LG Signature

LG bet for luxury in its Signature range but we are wrong if we think only in TV, because the Korean automaker wants this line premium to other fields is also extended as are the appliances you have at home, similar to that movement into your day he conducted its closest rival Samsung as is.

And it has been in the LG Innofest the framework in which LG has introduced its new product proposals for among which highlights and aspect premium with futuristic and unconventional design that breaks with everything that we acostumbrador to see. How? Maybe we will see.

Signature is as we say, the range “top” of LG, which comes to compete with that niche market that for many of us may be inaccessible and is taken over by brands such as Loewe and B & O.

LG Signature
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The Signature range reaches Spain and apart from filling our house with gadgets that dialogue between them, another objective is to focus on quality in home, something that we have experienced with television, spectrum in which LG can boast be the only manufacturer to mount OLED panels and deliver quality that they call “Super Ultra HD”.

A model that offers features more than one makes us long teeth, not in vain is the first to meet the Dolby Vision standard color space (DCI 99%) and has also received the Ultra HD Premium seal UHD Alliance (UHDA) that recognizes the ability of this LG TV to reproduce the highest standards of resolution, HDR, peak luminance, black levels, wide range of colors and immersive audio.

Come and see, because there are TVs and more

And after televisions have punished that why not take a screen in the kitchen? But not a normal, small like a tablet, but a panel of 22 inches in the refrigerator in what comes to be the smart refrigerator that LG Signature label offers features like automatic opening when passing the foot under the door (yes, as in some vehicles tailgate) and they have to call Auto door.

Besides the transparent surface allows the inside of the refrigerator without opening the door, which means a significant saving of energy and limits the loss of fresh air in the refrigerator.

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Washer Signature

The washing machine LG Signature is a more advanced version of the LG TWIN mounted Wash unit MINI Wash below the main unit and all with a minimalist and sophisticated design, which mainly features a touch control, integrated in the glass door offers up to 17 degrees of viewing angle, to handle a loading door 30 inches.

The washing machine LG is equipped with centum system, which improves durability and energy efficiency of the device thanks to its advanced suspension system, minimizing vibration of the drum during the wash cycle and thus also operating noise.

A Roomba made in LG

Another product is a vacuum and in this sense the range premium also covers the Hom Bot CordZero, a kind of roomba square to reach more corners and is characterized by the inclusion of two cameras, a lower to analyze what picks (or sucked) into the machine and other superior to improve the location and orientation when moving across the floor. Furthermore, with this last camera we can turn to the Hom Bot CordZero in a surveillance system very similar to LG Rolling Bot.

Availability … because prices can be heart-stopping

The LG Signature range will hit the market in the US, Europe and Asia throughout 2016 at prices that will not be safe at all economic.

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