How to Defrost the Refrigerator

Defrost the Refrigerator

Here is the procedure to defrost a refrigerator or freezer correctly …

In this article, we will see how to carry out the defrosting and cleaning procedure on our refrigerator to ensure proper operation and hygiene. In fact, the presence of excess ice leads to up to 20% more electricity and lower performance, which does not allow the appliance to keep food at maximum efficiency.

Furthermore, it is good to clean the interiors carefully to remove mold and bacteria and thus ensure proper hygiene. On a refrigerator in normal conditions, this procedure should be applied at least once a year or at every change of season (for ice problems too frequent contact the assistance for a check). Now let’s see the steps to be performed …

Remove food

Free the fridge and freezer compartments from all foods. It is advisable to carry out this operation before leaving for the holidays or when the fridge is not very full, otherwise it is advisable to carry thermal bags or other remedies to prevent the food from spoiling or thawing.

Turn off the appliance and unplug it

Turn off the appliance by moving the thermostat knob (near the interior light) to zero and unplug it.

Defrost the Refrigerator

Remove shelves and drawers

Remove all shelves and drawers and do not force them if trapped by ice to avoid breaking them. Then clean them with special products or water and baking soda.

Prepare for water absorption

Surround the fridge with newspapers or rags to prepare for any water puddles (check in the booklet if your appliance has purge pipes to be able to place any containers). Place some rags ready to absorb even inside.

Choose the defrosting method

There are various ways to let the ice thaw, choose one of the following …

  • In summer or hot places leave the fridge with doors open for about 24 hours
  • Use pans containing hot water and rags and leave them in the departments affected by ice for about half an hour, the steam will help thawing. Place a rag to isolate the pan or pan used to prevent damage to the surface
  • Use a hair dryer at a suitable distance and be careful
  • Use a spray with warm water or a warm cloth to remove ice by hand

Do not use knives or other sharp objects that could damage the walls of the appliance, it is worth the life of the refrigerator.

Clean and dry

Thoroughly clean the internal departments, drawers and shelves with special products or simply with water and baking soda, starting from the top and continuing downwards. Dry everything to the fullest!

Turn on

Reconnect the plug checking before it is wet and turn on the appliance by adjusting the thermostat to the ideal level shown on the booklet or inside the refrigerator. Wait until a suitable temperature is reached to house the products before putting them back inside! Follow the waiting times provided in the instruction booklet or wait for a slight frost to appear inside the freezer.

Store the products and compartments inside and continue using

Once the correct temperature has been reached, you can store shelves and drawers and fill the fridge and freezer, taking care to dry and properly clean all the products from water, frost or dirt.

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