Sony launches new economic models for 4K TV range


We know the high-end Sony TVs with 4K resolutions for this year 2016. So much so we could try the remarkable Sony KD-55XD93, a model that nevertheless represented a high price for a large market share.

Trying to bring the most outstanding features of these models top model from Sony have opted to market cheaper versions seeking buyers begin to adopt the resolution 4K in their homes.

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The new models coming to market have diagonals that oscillate between 43 inches and 65 inches and are included within the series 800D, 750D and 700D. It is five – input models to its line XBR premium yet have some nuances regarding their older siblings.

Obviously the price cut is motivated by some reductions as performance is concerned and example of these three series only 800D televisions will have support for so that the panel can offer a wider range of colors and contrasts that will exploit the advantages of the Ultra HD Blu-ray or streaming on Netflix 4K.

Regarding the other two ranges, although the HDR 10 is not initially included, it is expected that through an update of firmware would come later this year can pass include among its specifications. As regards the other basic features, they share with older brothers have Android operating system and provide support Google Cast.

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Availability and Pricing

With regard to prices, these ranging from $ 999.99 XBR-49X700D model 49-inch screen and $ 2999.99 of the largest, the Sony XBR-65X750D with a diagonal of 65 inches, awaiting your arrival distribution chains throughout the month of July this year.

  • XBR-49X700D 49-inch screen for $999.99
  • XBR-43X800D 43-inch screen for $1299.99
  • XBR-49X800D 49-inch screen for $1499.99
  • XBR-55X700D with 55-inch screen for $1499.99
  • XBR-65X750D 65-inch screen for $2299.99

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