Samsung announces the arrival of its new connected washing machines of the QuickDrive 8 Series

Samsung Washing Machine

At the beginning of the year, we learned about Samsung’s commitment to smart appliances so that in the future, not so distant, they could be common in our kitchens. Refrigerators and washing machines connected, although their date of arrival to the market was unknown.

But little by little we know details and so today it is the turn of the new family of washing machines of the Korean firm. This is the Samsung QuickDrive 8 Series, some washing machines that Samsung brings and that are a whole technology cluster. Some washing machines that are integrated into the QuickDrive family and that have been presented.

Samsung Washing Machine
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The main characteristic of this family is the time saved in the washing cycles, which are reduced by up to 50% thanks to the Super Speed ​​mode. It only takes 39 minutes to do the laundry. In turn, this decrease in washing time translates into a saving in energy consumption of up to 20%.

In the drum and in its operation there are also new features, because it has been redesigned so that along with the movement from top to bottom now also moves forward and backward for better washing.

In addition, this new family of QuickDrive washing machines is ready to work with IoT (Internet of Things). They also have a washing assistant that allows the user to better plan their time or know in real time the status of their washing machine.

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Samsung Washing Machine
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These three functions are …

  • Washing Programming: Allows the user to plan the start and end time of the washing program, which allows a better optimization of the organization of their household tasks and greater enjoyment of their day to day.
  • Program Recommendation: Automatically offers recommendations for the optimal washing cycles according to the information provided by the user about the color, type of fabric and degree of dirt in the laundry, eliminating the need for the user to guess which cycle is the most appropriate.
  • Diagnosis: Is an assistant who supervises the washing machine remotely, proactively alerting the user about possible problems and providing quick assistance to solve them.

The new range has already known technologies and functions how is AddWash with which we can add to the washing cycle the garments that we have forgotten to put. They have also added a program of Auto Dosing that allows to measure adjusted detergent and softener for an optimal wash with a fair consumption. Improvements that are completed with the EcoBubble system, which allows the water with the detergent to mix with the air before the wash cycle begins. In this way the washing is improved.

Samsung Washing Machine
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The connected part of these washing machines takes us almost always to our Wi-Fi connectivity and our smartphone and is that thanks to an application we can control them from a distance. The new range is ready to be integrated into Smart Things, the new digital ecosystem that will arrive presumably in a few weeks and that will bring together all Samsung devices for remote control.

Price and availability

The Samsung QuickDrive Series 8 washers are now on sale in specialized stores with prices that are around 1400 dollars.

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