Choosing a vacuum cleaner

Vaccum Cleaner

The household cleaning often becomes a long and tedious task that no one loves to do, but if we can help expedite a good ally: the vacuum cleaner. There are different types of this appliance that we choose based on the use we will give. There are many aspects to keep in mind when choosing the best for us, so in SevenFrigo we want to help with this article about how to choose a vacuum cleaner.

Vaccum Cleaner
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1) One of the main factors that must be taken into account when choosing your vacuum cleaner is the horsepower. This is not measured so much by the unit Watt (average around 1400 and 2200W), but by the suction power; this should be at least 400 watts.

2) The power required for your vacuum cleaner will be related to the surface you should clean, i.e. the size of the areas and what type of soil is parquet, carpeting…

3) Thus, you can choose between different types of vacuum cleaner:

  • Sled vacuum cleaner type: To understand, “the lifetime” that features a removable tube carrying bags inside to collect dirt. Different types of nozzles, brushes and other accessories to clean in depth and reach any part can be adapted.
  • Vacuum tank: Similar to the above but without purse, because they have a specific repository for accumulating debris collected. Besides not require the purchase of bags typically have a higher capacity.
  • Broom vacuum: It is a broom-shaped vacuum, which weighs less than the models discussed above, and battery operated. Not being connected to the flow is less powerful and, therefore, is generally less efficient.
  • Vacuum robot: This is the most innovative vacuum model is characterized by clean only; you only need to leave it in the ground and start it. The deposit is small and some models may have difficulty cleaning edges and corners.

4) You must also decide whether to opt for a vacuum filter or without filter; this is highly recommended for people with allergies, since the HEPA filters also trap these allergen and may prevent symptoms and discomfort.

5) Another aspect that must be taken into account when choosing a vacuum cleaner will be the noise level as it can be very annoying if this exceeds 70 dB of noise.

6) When you buy cleaning your appliance, you can also assess other factors such as the price, the cable length, the fact of having or not wheels, heads and accessories bearing, etc.

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