The Ultimate Guide to Saving Money on Your Electric Bill

Right now, in the UK there is an energy crisis, and everyone is trying to save money on their energy bills. Many people are also trying to better understand what affects their energy consumption and how it is calculated and sent to their energy provider. In this article we will discuss how your energy is monitored and give you some ways you can save money on your energy bills.

Your energy is monitored by a meter usually located in an Electric Meter Box. This meter calculates the exact amount of energy you use and displays the total usage in kilowatt-hours. Your energy supply company then uses this information to calculate your bills. With the more electricity you use in your home, the higher your energy reading will be and the more expensive your bills will become. Some electric meter boxes can become worn or damaged over the course of many years. If this has happened to yours, it is important to get it replaced as they need to be secured and water resistant. You can contact a company to purchase a new electric meter box such as

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One way you can help save energy usage in your home, is to use energy efficient light bulbs. LED light bulbs use up to 75% less energy than a traditional bulb and they last 25 times longer. Although LED bulbs cost more to purchase, you will save money in the long run by using them. Make sure you change all the lights in your home to LEDs to save as much energy as possible.

Another way to save energy in your home is to adjust and schedule your heating in your home. Your heating system is responsible for a lot of your energy bill, so it is important that you are only heating your home for as long as you need to. You should also consider separating your heating system into separate zones, so you are only heating rooms that you use, rather than the whole house.

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Finally, to save money on energy in your home, you can turn off devices that are in standby mode. Electrical devices such as TVs and gaming consoles still consume power when they are in standby mode. To prevent this, when you are not using these devices, you should turn them off from the main supply, to make sure that they are not consuming any energy.

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