Does A Rice Cooker Make Better Rice?

Rice Cooker

What can a rice cooker do?

Everyone can cook rice. Or? Yes and no! While most people can be trusted to prepare a portion of rice, the “rice cooker” kitchen appliance also has its reason for being. Especially in the Asian region, where rice is served with the vast majority of dishes, it is hard to imagine a kitchen without the rice cooker. Are you curious? In this comprehensive guide, you will learn everything there is to know about “rice cooker reviews”: From the advantages and disadvantages of the kitchen appliance to recipes and the extensive practical test that we have subjected to some products.

Here are the basic advantages of a rice cooker at a glance:

  • The rice gets the same every time. If you fill in the right amounts of rice and water, you’ll end up with perfect rice. Point.
  • A rice cooker works unattended. It cannot pass over and the rice does not burn.
  • The rice can easily be kept warm for a long period of time
  • Many rice cookers have a time setting. So, you can program them so that the rice is ready when you get home from work.
  • You can cook the rice independently of the stove. This is very practical, especially in small kitchens
  • You can also prepare other dishes in the rice cooker. It is a real multifunction device!

By the way: If you ultimately decide that you do not want or need a rice cooker, we have a guide for you here that will help you to make your own rice.

Do I really need a rice cooker?

Just one more kitchen appliance that dusts unused most of the time? Or is it an absolute necessity that makes work much easier? Here are 4 questions you should ask yourself before buying a rice cooker.

1. How often do you cook rice?

If rice is served several times a month, the purchase of a rice cooker is guaranteed to pay off. The kitchen appliance is very energy-saving and uses much less electricity than cooking rice on the stove.

2. How much rice do you cook?

If you are cooking large quantities of rice (either to eat it immediately, or in stock for the next few days), a rice cooker is also useful. You can just leave the rice cooker to itself and devote yourself to other tasks while it works. Even if you often party, a rice cooker can be a great addition to your kitchen equipment – after all, you can easily make rice for many guests and you don’t have to worry that it may pass over. In addition, the rice stays perfectly warmed up in the rice cooker until it is finally eaten.

3. Are you keen to experiment and ready to try new recipes in the rice cooker?

Rice cookers are only for rice? Wrong! A wide variety of dishes can be prepared in the diverse kitchen appliance, from chilies to porridge to cake. However, you may have to experiment a little until you find the perfect recipes and proportions for you!

4. How much space do you have in the kitchen?

A rice cooker can also be a valuable addition in a tight, small student kitchen – if you use it regularly. If you are familiar with the functions, you can even replace a hotplate with it!


If you have a small kitchen and love to read kitchen & dining reviews but are passionate and cook a lot – of course also American – and also like to experiment with recipes, then a rice cooker is a useful addition to your kitchen equipment. Likewise, a rice cooker makes a lot of sense if you cook rice frequently – perhaps in large quantities – which should always taste just as good.

Rice cookers are also available with a wide range of capacities and in different price ranges. So, to begin with, you can choose a small, affordable model that fits your budget, and then eventually upgrade to a rice cooker with more features.

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