Washing machine: How to choose the right one for your perfect laundry

Washing machine

Changing washing machine? The market offers many models, many different alternatives for price, operation and load capacity. To choose, you need to find the right compromise.

Choosing the right washing machine is a really arduous task: the market offers us hundreds of different prices, operations and load capacities.

Choosing the model that best suits our needs is the first step for a quick and stress-free daily wash.

Let’s see how to choose the right model …

Based on load capacity

Among the first things to evaluate when buying a washing machine is the load capacity. We need to evaluate both how many clothes we wash on average in a week, and how much time we have to do it.

Doing the washing machine 3 times a week certainly means lighter loads, but if we are used to making one a week we need a very large washing machine.

Many manufacturers advertise washing machines that can wash duvets and blankets thanks to a maximum load of 12 kg, but how many times a year will we wash our quilts? Instead of making an investment for something that we will do only twice a year, it would be better to choose a washing machine that can help us in everyday cleaning.

Of course, starting an empty washing machine means wasting electricity, water and detergent, waste that in the long run weighs heavily on your budget.

Washing machine

Ideal capacity of the washing machine

  • For a single: 4 Kg;
  • One pair: from 5 Kg up to 7 Kg;
  • For a family of 3-4 people: 7 Kg or 8 Kg;
  • Finally for larger families: from 9 kg upwards.

Charge from above or front?

The top loading washing machine is more suitable for those who do not have much space available, in the absence of the 60 cm of space that traditional washing machines usually take. The dimensions of top-loading washing machines are generally 90 cm high, 40 wide and 60 deep, therefore thinner than the classic models. However, the load capacity is limited compared to traditional models: from about 5 kg to 8 kg. Suitable for singles, couples and families with up to 4 components, otherwise it is better to choose a model with a greater load.

The front-loading washing machines are those with the porthole, more functional and suitable for almost everyone. They require more space, but guarantee washing performance not usually achieved by slim or top-loading washing machines.

The advice is to prefer a traditional model if you have the possibility, choosing a slim model only when there are not enough space conditions.

Inverter or traditional motor?

As the tests show, washing machines with an inverter motor guarantee much higher performance than traditional models. The noise of the centrifuge is limited, the stability increases and a lower energy consumption is guaranteed, also saving 20% in the bill.

The inverter motor is in fact so quiet that it can be used in night time zones, those with the greatest economic savings. Useful for savings, but also for those who spend most of the day away from home and only have the night to start the wash.

800 laps or 1800 laps?

Another feature of the washing machine to be taken into consideration concerns the number of revolutions per minute during the spin cycle: from the standard 800 rpm of the economic models to the 1800 rpm of the most expensive ones.

Manufacturers are pushing the sale of washing machines with a higher cycle of rotations, justifying the price with the best cleaning capacity of the fibers. But this is only partially true: the rapid rotation allows greater friction of the garments, which will certainly be cleaned with greater energy and better results. But it must be said that the greater rotations of the drum greatly increase the mechanical stress to which the washing machine is subjected, with a reduction in the life cycle of its gears.

The advice is to seek a compromise: a 1000 or 12000 rpm washing machine is right to meet the most common washing needs, allowing immediate cost savings and long-term satisfaction.

How to choose the washing machine based on price

Among the washing machines, we find very different price ranges: let’s start from 200 dollars for basic models to arrive at three zero figures with the more expensive models.

But we can say that washing machines with the best quality price contribution are in the range between 400 and 600 dollars. I am able to offer the right quality compromise based on the technologies offered.

It should be clear that there is no universally correct model of washing machine. Every family has its needs, and finding the right compromise between cost, load and space will allow you to choose the right one for you.

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