The future is to chat with your refrigerator tablet and view streaming content

Samsung refrigerator tablet

Sometimes we talk about the homes of the future and perhaps the rise of automation and all smart we do quite often. What can we do to bring it almost too idealizing interaction with devices at the film Her. Moreover, although it is still far from now, Samsung has wanted to step into those houses with more intelligent and quirky appliances, as we might call the “super magnet”, the Family Hub Samsung Refrigerator.

A refrigerator that the company showed during the Samsung Forum in Monaco that goes far beyond keeping food in good condition. What has made the Korean company is “tabletizar” the concept of refrigerator inserting a screen door and installing a surveillance system for food. While not science fiction, it sounds peculiar, it is, but this innovation represents the logical evolution towards smart fridges?

Samsung refrigerator tablet
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The fridge is all seeing

Around this new batch of smart appliances, one of the company representatives discussed the survey process prior to the design in order to collect the aspects they would like to see in home users, clarifying that the new features are added They based on them. We do not know how they got the idea to monitor our inventory in real time, but probably party has a user profile rather confused, as in the case of AddWash tray washer and forgotten items.

Specifically, the system relies on the installation of a series of chambers (the number and arrangement depend on the model), with which the products are identified. An environment that can seem surreal for placing a display system but serving the idea that you know what is in the fridge at all times and to view it from the mobile (for example, when you purchase) or set notices and reminders purchase as missing or runs out.

The approach is therefore both have control of what is and the conditions (temperature, etc.) anywhere and anytime content to be visible also from the mobile app. Whose image content is updated in real time, a feature that aims to solve the situation you have to add something to the shopping list for the supermarket because some hungry own hand has diminished somewhat gender.

We can “chat” directly with the refrigerator…

Facing a less imaginative or less given to the art of the kitchen public, another application of the monitoring of food is that, given that there are, we ask the Hub Refrigerator to make a culinary tetris with them suggesting a recipe. In fact, we can “chat” with him directly, though it will not be an instant messaging use and will repartee as some attendees’ voice, but a series of commands and predetermined questions.

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Goodbye magnets

Supplementing the refrigerator door with a screen is in a way the technological evolution of the custom in the case of families or users accustomed to put pictures and drawings (thus avoiding the sometimes-cumbersome magnets). However, incorporating a tablet to a refrigerator has other applications relative contribution, or at least not as “natural” at first.

One example is the raise the refrigerator and other home multimedia center. A priori, the idea makes sense on the assumption that the kitchen is usually a regular place in homes to install a TV or listen to music, but this hypothetical scenario projection room with 21-inch panel embedded in a static and colossal silver frame no less peculiar.

It may be a result of the idea that we are in full bloom content streaming and viewing has been extended and normalized to alternative devices to TVs. Still, I see it in the refrigerator does not seem too strong a claim perspective, saving clear if the programs or cooking videos.

Samsung refrigerator tablet
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Tizen to amortize

The system promises to be compatible with iOS and Android (specifically the app), but none of them that moves the software super Samsung refrigerator. The Korean company remains committed to the product of the house and, as we have seen for other devices like smart TV, has opted for Tizen for Refrigerator Hub. Fun fact: 25% of apps are developed for Tizen product, as we said one representative.

Notepad to shopping list usually replaced by specific and fairly complete apps or messaging…

This gets interesting progression software and thus end uses part smart from the refrigerator. Currently, in addition to the shows of photos and paintings from the screen it can play music and share notes app with your smartphone. A first choice, although it has its logic by using the app for shopping list, is somewhat questionable because it is something that is often replaced by specific and fairly complete apps, or instant messaging when it comes to errands and commissions in buying last minute.

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The incorporation of cameras certainly is an innovative idea and has some projection face, which has agreements with other companies at the time of launch services and to do the shopping list in a supermarket or products that can be recorded by reading the barcode. But at first we have a very limited number of suggested utilities and seems more the impact of the inclusion of cameras than its actual application.

However, despite this limb where the software (and thus the end use) is, is an approach that can be consolidated at least as a prelude to the direction to be taken in terms of automation as it has control everything related to home from Mobile and all its members. Finally, we suggest you to visit for more news and reviews.

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