Small refrigerators


On the market, a range of refrigerators and freezers small, or so-called Table Top, designed for homes where the capacity of the refrigerator is not necessary, or the available space does not allow us to place large refrigerators.

Sometimes also they used to expand the capacity of large refrigerators, which circumstances are not sufficient to keep food we want, but it is unnecessary to buy another large refrigerator.

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In the market there are many choices of small refrigerators in both measures, such as placement in the type we need.

Types of small refrigerators

The can be classified into the type of free installation and integrated.

The free installations are the easiest to apply, since only need to have the necessary space and plug into the mains.

These refrigerators may be found in white, silver (imitation stainless steel), or in some brands of stainless steel.

They usually have a height of 85 cm, it is necessary to place them in the kitchen, under the marble, and with widths between 50 and 60 cm.

Small refrigerators integrable

The integrated installation type, need a front door, and that the sockets pass in front of the apparatus, to place them. Have greater difficulty at the time of installation, but go with the door hidden the rest of the kitchen, it is aesthetically better, and nobody knows that we have a refrigerator installed.

These typically have measures 82 cm high, also to go placed under the kitchen counter, and a width of 60 cm.

In terms of performance, these small refrigerators are practically the same as the largest, with energy A or higher ratings, glass shelves, interior lighting, etc. Therefore it is a matter of size, not performance. Some of them even feature a small internal freezer.

In short it is the ideal solution for small kitchens without taking up much space, or expands the capacity of the large refrigerator, occupying minimal space.

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