Buy a combi refrigerator, a good choice


After Christmas with the end of 2015, we will begin the long-awaited return to work. To see our colleagues and compare them with the level of tan. It is time to return to normal. With the return to routine, also we returned to fill the fridge and make large purchases for the entire week. So today I want to leave you these tips for proper refrigerator that your needs.

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There is no difference when it comes to choosing a combi fridge with freezer up or down. The choice will depend, above all, of your habits.

The freezer on top, usually a smaller space. Therefore, you’ll freeze small quantities of food for an emergency. If you are someone who consumed fresh produce or make the purchase more every day, you’ll have more space for storage.

If, however, you need more space to store frozen products have the freezer on the bottom will help. You can classify foods into different drawers for easy access.

Besides the location of the freezer, you will have more things in mind before choosing your freezer refrigerator, the capacity of the refrigerator. Usually these are the recommended measures. You must consider several aspects, do not underestimate your needs and take into account the refrigerator usually lasts about ten years. So you should anticipate the needs that will have in the future so you do not stay small.

  • Up to 250 liters for a single person
  • Up to 330 liters of 2 to three
  • More than 330 liters for 4 or more persons

Finally, one of the most important aspects is the energy efficiency of appliances. The power consumption of the refrigerator means one third of the electricity bill of your home. You should set the energy class A +, A ++ and A +++. The step from one class to another can result in up to 40% savings.

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