How to choose an inverter air conditioner

Inverter air conditioner

The inverter air-conditioner, when the desired temperature is reached, is able to reduce the electric power absorbed by the compressor. This helps to maintain a constant temperature, eliminating the risk of cold air blows of the traditional air conditioners. Read Buying Guide for knowing characteristics, types, and advice on choosing the best inverter air conditioners for quality, brands, price and consumers opinions.

How to choose

One of the main advantages of these air conditioning units is the optimum level of comfort, which also leads to a considerable reduction in consumption, reaching a percentage of savings of 30% in the case in which the product is kept in operation for 8 consecutive hours.

Inverter air conditioner
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While an inverter air conditioner operates at a variable power, an on / off pattern is limited to on and off according to the desired temperature.

The air conditioners that are distinguished by a high efficiency can reach the very high performance, working in energy class A ++, which measured in terms of EER, i.e. of Cooling Efficiency Index in case they are used to heat a particular environment or, in COP, i.e. in the efficiency of heating .

More than a few people who, even today, they consider it an appliance harmful to health, especially taking into account its effects for those who already suffer from back pain or neck. For this reason, they prefer to resort to less impact solutions such as ceiling fan.

Surely, in the days of summer heat, simply leave the windows open, or create drafts between different environments, or even make use of adjustable shading, means making use of simple palliatives, which have nothing to do with the efficiency of an air conditioner, in a special way inverters, to remove moisture and lower the temperature.

Depending on the needs, the consumer can choose between different models; if you want a household appliance capable of operating in a much reduced space, the handset will be ideal. But, in this case, you can also resort to a model mono split. There are, of course, of much more powerful items, perfect for large spaces.

Furthermore, in order to proceed to an appropriate choice, it is appropriate to examine different aspects, such as the cooling capacity (expressed in BTU), the noise (in dB), the electric consumption (expressed in kW / h) and the class energy in addition, obviously, to the price.

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The models with the heat pump are designed to propose solutions for different types of users, so as to make them suitable both for private use and for business premises. Not only in the field of refrigeration, but also relatively to the heating. Lately they have a very successful model that offers functions ionization, usually accompanied by other innovations for air purification.

Those who want particularly efficient appliances can choose articles which present various filters coated with silver ions (very small), that have the ability to directly affect the cells of micro-organisms (for example bacteria and pathogens), preventing these last to regenerate and survive inside the rooms.

Some make use of a DNA filter, which can “trap”, the harmful particles according to a structure that looks like substantially to the same DNA. You can also choose models equipped with a dust-removal system, which proves to be able to preserve the fan and the internal battery. This avoids that the dust would settle on the air conditioner itself when it is not operational.

There are several people who want to keep it on even during the night hours. This need has been taken into account in recent times by a number of manufacturers, so as to induce them to create features designed to reduce even more the appliance noise at night.

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