Locksmiths and escapologists – Lock and Key

Escapologists have been big in the magic and entertainment industries for many years and their tricks seem to become more and more dangerous over time as they try to push the envelope as to what can be achieved by humans. I am always awe-struck by these individuals as I have, on more than one occasion, had to call out Locksmiths to come and rescue me from a locked out or even a locked in situation.

These incredibly talented individuals have escaped out of everything from a locked jacket to a trunk that is submerged in water. Here are some of history’s most talented escapologists.  You don’t need a directors guarantee like that offered through Sam Conveyancing you need their guarantee, they’ll fix the issue and have you back in like magic in no time.

Harry Houdini

Probably the most well-known and respected escapologist in history is Harry Houdini. He paved the way for many of the modern entertainers to create a career for themselves. Many of the modern day escapologists still use the techniques and tricks developed by Houdini and add their own take on these during their performances. Two of his most famous tricks include the Chinese water torture cell and the milk can escape. Both of thee tricks saw Houdini handcuffed, chained with padlocks or even put in a tock and then submerged in water. In his first attempt at his no famous buried alive trick Houdini almost died, but went on to perform the trick a further two times before his death in 1926.

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David Blaine

Blaine is the most well-known modern day escapologist having first developed his career as a street magician. He has gone on to create tricks and illusions that have shown extreme endurance and mind of matter stunts. Two of his most famous stunts include being suspended in a glass case over the River Thames for a total of 44 days and also being closed in a block of ice for 63 hours. Blaine was influenced greatly by Houdin and in 1999 he continued on Houdini’s buried alive work by being placed in a perspex box and placed under a water tank holding three tons of water. Blaine lasted seven days.

Dorothy Dietrich

Known as the “First Lady of Magic” Dietrich has carved a way for other women in magic and she herself is probably the most famous female escapologist. Hre first escape routine saw her remove herself from a straightjacket whilst being suspended upside down from a rope that had been set alight and all without a safety net below her. In 1988 she successfully managed a stunt that Houdini himself had been unable to perfect – catching a .22 bullet that had been fired from a gun, in a metal cup that she held in her mouth.

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