5 reasons why you should buy a Steam Oven

Steam Oven

If you are thinking about changing the oven and do not know which one to decide, we give you some clues so that your next choice is a steam oven. This way you will enjoy the most professional results in your kitchen.

These ovens give you the characteristics of a conventional oven but with the added advantages of steam. Giving you access to a greater variety of flavors and textures, helping you achieve the best results. They combine dry heat with steam, thus increasing the moisture retention of foods and preserving their properties.

Change the way you cook with your steam oven

If you like to innovate in the kitchen and try new dishes, the steam ovens allow you to cook at a low temperature and create incredible dishes. Recipes that you could never imagine with a conventional oven, such as vacuum cooking, steam allows you to make the best recipes as if you were a professional chef.

They are incredibly useful for baking: pies, cakes and breads will be baked impeccably; causing them to grow and their interior to be spongy while the exterior will be crisp and golden. You will enjoy the homemade pastry but with a professional touch that will please everything. You simply have to pour, before starting the cooking, water in the oven cavity and it will do all the work.

Steam Oven

Healthier cuisine with more flavor than ever

It is known to everyone that steamed food is healthier, as it helps the nutrients of food remain intact and with all the flavor, also providing a unique texture and not using any type of cooking fat is suitable for diets or if you want to just take care of yourself.

In addition to promoting the process of digestion, since this method of cooking is free of toxins, as you can bring fried or fat. You can even cook several foods at the same time without risk to the flavors and aromas are mixed; thus each dish will preserve all its essence.

This type of cooking ensures that the food will not stay stuck inside our oven so the cleaning is simpler and more spaced between baked.

Advantages of steam ovens

  1. The water molecules are best heat conducting the hot air, so you can more evenly kitchens; so you will not have any problem that your dishes burn.
  2. The cleaning is easier than ever, just with a sponge, water and a little soap to clean them get effortless, thanks to steam. Many include pyrolysis, so you will have several methods of cleaning the sea of singles.
  3. Cook quickly, the oven does not have to be heated before introducing the kitchen, so you can enter the food from its start.
  4. More vivid colors in your dishes. By not degrading your food you can make incredible presentations with their vivid colors.
  5. You can aromatize the water with herbs or spices or even wine to give a unique touch to your cooking.

Bosch HSG636XS6

Steam Oven

It has 14 operating options at your disposal, among which you will find the right function so that your recipe is exquisite and tasty. In addition, thanks to the function of your Perfect Bake sensor you can achieve perfect baking results. The sensor measures the humidity level inside the oven and will turn off when the dough is perfectly cooked. It is the perfect function to cook your cakes, quiches, breads and any of your recipes.

  • Multi-function
  • 100% Steam
  • Home Connect
  • Perfect Roast sensor and Perfect Roast thermostat
  • Cooking assistant
  • Control with touch display
  • 14 Functions
  • Class A +

AEG BSE576321M

Steam OvenWith the Hot Air convection system you will ensure that the air circulates evenly throughout the cavity; resulting in faster heating and firing temperatures that can be reduced while saving energy and time at the same time. In addition to being able to cook up to 3 trays at a time, everything is perfect.

  • Multi-function
  • 3 Cooking levels
  • Steam Crisp
  • Thermal probe
  • 9 Functions (1 steam)
  • Class A +

Electrolux EOB6631TOX

Steam OvenWith its Ultra FanPlus heat system with extra-large fan and air guide design the dishes will cook evenly regardless of their situation inside the oven. In addition to that you will get a crunchy and golden finish on the outside and juicy on the inside. All this thanks to Combi Steam and its Full Taste Steam system.

  • Multi-function
  • 3 cooking levels
  • Thermal probe for meat
  • 9 functions
  • Pizza special function
  • Class A +

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