Yes, it seems a bottle, but is actually a portable microwave oven!

Wayv portable microwave oven

It’s funny how the microwave oven has quietly become an indispensable item in many kitchens, offices, schools and a lot of places around the world, this because of convenience, easy to use and benefits, because in just minutes we can have a hot meal without much effort.

The technology uses a microwave oven dating back to several decades ago, but that has not prevented that there are currently significant progress in this appliance, but what we now know exceeds, by far, what we have seen before for this type of objects because first we are facing an oven portable microwave.

Wayv portable microwave oven
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Wayv, hot food at any time and at any time

The British company Wayv is presenting ‘The Adventurer’, which advertised as the first oven portable microwave in the world, compared to traditional ovens, using magnetron tubes to convert electrical energy into microwave high frequency radio, the Adventurer bases its operation on LDMOS transistors, which are responsible for generating heat to spread it by means of integrated semiconductor metal oxide isolation on the inside walls of the oven.

The LDMOS technology is lightweight and has advantages to the system of traditional ovens, as it generates heat evenly without movement, while the ovens we know lead to hot and cold spots inside, hence the need having a turntable.

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This allows us to have a portable oven to 200 watts can heat up to 500 milliliters of liquid or solid in just four minutes, has a rechargeable battery that provides a range of up to 30 minutes, you can also be used on AC power if we retire our old furnace, but also supports a system of portable solar panels, which will be sold separately and will make it a fully mobile oven.

Wayv portable microwave oven
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Its dimensions are 305 x 128 mm, with a weight of just 1.2 kilograms, so it can be easily carried in a backpack, making it ideal for use in military camps, disaster areas, and even campers, truckers and even students.

According to its creators, The Adventurer will be available in 2017 in the United States for a price of $ 200, but eye, so far have shown no prototype or actual evidence of its operation, which obviously brings us to doubt its veracity, so we have to be aware of future updates. Visit for more gadget update.

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