Pillo Health is a personal assistant that aims to monitor your health and your family


Connected appliances are increasingly present in our homes and are limited only to the kitchen or unheated home, but gradually begin to spread to other areas. Such is the case of Amazon with its Echo range or this at hand, the Pillo Health.

With that name you can already guess we’re going to talk about health is that this kind of robot’s main function is the same, the monitor our physical state. It is therefore a sort of by assistant personal health household.

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pillo-health-is-a-personal-assistant-that-aims-to-monitor-your-health-and-your-familyFor now Pillo Health is an ongoing project within Indiegogo. A product that seeking help from users through collective financing and already has more than 100 sponsors.

According to its creators, Pillo Health is able to perform a lot of functions such as automating processes so that it can alert users when to take their medicines, learn everyday user to suit your needs or keep contact with the outside thanks to the inclusion of a camera for videoconferencing and automate processes, all in order to properly dispose vitamins or medication your user needs.

Regarding the hardware to carry out all their actions has a touch screen 7-inch to control all functions and interact with it. It also has an HD camera and omnidirectional microphones so that the user can raise concerns about the treatment you have to perform.

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Health Pillo thus can store the entire medical history of a people so that it serves as administrator of the measurement must take. Furthermore, not only it limits its attention to one person, but can sort treatments for multiple users at a time to be deposited correctly for each family member.

And to complete the integration, could not miss the ability to relate to other devices compatible we have at home, so that this information exchange will serve to complete and improve data for each user to store (physical activity, diet …)

Price and Availability

At the moment, Pillo Health is developing a project on Indiegogo and although it is not for sale, those interested in getting one you can get with a contribution of 270 dollars to the campaign. This is an amount representing a discount of 50% on the price of launch, when presumably hit the market in July 2017.

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