How to wash the clothes

Wash the clothes

To wash the clothes have to follow a few simple steps, not only put clothes in the washer. But must take into account issues such as the color of clothing, the fabric, the amount of clothes put into the washing machine and the soil level. If we take these things into account we can better wash clothes and be much cleaner.

Wash the clothes
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  • There are important before starting to read labels that bring garments and follow the instructions washing, drying and ironing.
  • Separate the white color clothes, cotton, knit, silk etc. Put the washer for each type and color of clothing is to ensure the quality of washing and not lose the properties of clothing.
  • Look good in the pockets that nothing, sometimes you find coins, keys and other items that can malmeter the washing machine.
  • Zippers better closing.
  • If there are any stubborn stain rub before putting it in the washing machine the wise you’ll never remove the stain.
  • Dirty clothes do not have it in sealed sites, see that it air.
  • Do not load the washer much otherwise it will not wash properly.
  • Put the pants inside, always you take care more color.
  • New clothes pass it a little water before putting it first in the washer, so you reduce the risk of tinting.

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  • Use color detergent for colored clothes and Marseille for linen.
  • Always use fabric softener.
  • Delicate clothes by hand and wash it with warm or cold water as directed.

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