The most common problems with dryers

laundry dryers

Dryer: When to call the technician?

A day could happen: after hours of drying the clothes are still wet, the dryer takes longer than necessary to finish its cycle or even not part of the whole. Maybe it happens in just one day without a ray of sunshine! Will it be enough to clean the filter? Or is it something more serious? Let’s see when it is possible to remedy itself or an expert technician is needed.

The machine does not switch on

Card: most of the time it is she who jumps and needs to be replaced.

Safety thermostat: it happens that this thermostat intervenes due to the reaching of excessive temperatures, blocking the entire machine.

The dryer does not start

Filters / tank: check that the filters are clean and the water tank is not full.

Flooding: it sometimes happens that water is deposited on the bottom of the appliance and through a float the machine goes into protection: remove the plug, remove the condenser at the bottom and tilt the dryer forward to eliminate all the water. You will see that you will solve the problem but, if it happens again, there could be some anomalies that only a technician can solve.

Tank warning light always on even with empty tank

This defect occurs when the pump in charge of pushing water into the tank does not work

laundry dryers

The dryer does not dry well

Internal filters and / or dirt: the correct cleaning of the filters is of fundamental importance for the performance of the appliance, check that the filters are not dirty. If you have done it a few times it is likely that the dryer is internally clogged and this does not allow correct air circulation. In this case it is advisable to call a technician to carry out an accurate internal cleaning. Remember: the dryers are magnets for dust and dirt, clean the filters and the environment nearby frequently!

Environment: it seems nonsense, but the fact that the dryer uses the surrounding air means that the place where it is located affects the performance of the appliance (in particular for heat pump dryers). A cold environment like a garage or the balcony of a house creates big problems in winter, for example notably prolonged drying times and little or no dry drying. The solution here is in your hands: install it in a domestic environment and at room temperature!

Humidity sensor: in some dryers the drying time depends on this sensor and its completeness. In case it is upset, not in place or damaged, the intervention of a technician is needed. If you find some items dry and other wet it may derive from the fact that, in a load of pieces of different sizes, some are not detected by this sensor. So, try to balance the loads without mixing up the tiny things with the big ones!

Your mistakes: excessive loads or with excessively wet and wet clothes make the drying process slower and more difficult, and remember the filters and the water tank!

The dryer does not dry completely

Belt: if the basket does not turn the lack of rotation does not allow drying. The culprit will most likely be the broken belt or damaged belt tensioner. Start a cycle and open the door try to perceive whether the basket rotates or not: if it does not move you need a technician to replace one of the two components.

Resistance / compressor: this is the component responsible for heating the air. There are also compressor dryers such as refrigerators. Here the situation is slightly more complicated. In any case, call a technician.

Thermostats: the dryers are fitted with thermostats including the safety one which can do some trickery in cases where the temperature of the appliance exceeds the safety thresholds, totally blocking the drying. Excluding unpredictable and faulty causes, helping the internal air circulation by cleaning properly and in the right timing for filter and condenser helps to ensure that this element does not give problems.

Electronic card: this is the worst case study, excluding all the other components the only culprit can only be her. In this case it is a good idea to evaluate the convenience of replacement costs with a technician!

The dryer loses water

Leveling the appliance: adjust the feet and make sure the dryer is perfectly level.

Filter / condenser cleaning: accumulations of dust and hair can hinder the circulation of condensed water causing leaks and the famous “empty tank more than usual”. Call a technician for thorough cleaning of the water circulation system. However, to ensure that this does not happen, always keep the filters clean!

Tubes on the back: check that they are not damaged or disconnected.

Breaks / failures: tank breakage, rear basin breakage or pump failure cause this problem.

Even if water leaks in a dryer are never dangerous, it is always advisable to contact a technician for an accurate diagnosis.


These are the most common problems related to tumble dryers. As in all things, pay attention and always carry out proper maintenance of the appliance to prevent any avoidable problems. For any failure of a different nature, where you could do nothing about it, contacting a technician is always the right and safe choice!

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