Xiaomi wants to enter our kitchen and its first proposal is an extractor and two intelligent fires

Xiaomi kitchen

If a while ago we talked about kitchens and LG as the protagonist, now it is about doing it but from another firm that comes from the East: Xiaomi. And is that although we all associate Xiaomi with mobile phones, the fact is that the Chinese firm has a large repertoire of products outside the telephony and now wants to make a hole in the kitchen.

This is the foundation by which Xiaomi has launched an intelligent kitchen composed of two fires and an extractor that are characterized by being completely intelligent. Two elements that we can control entirely through our mobile or tablet.

Xiaomi kitchen
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Entering matter, cooking fires are fueled by natural gas (nothing in vitro or induction) and offer up to 4200 watts of power thanks to the use of two concentric rings that distribute heat over the entire surface of the pan or frying pan.

Made of aluminum to prevent oxidation, the stoves are fire protected and are placed on dark glass panel. In addition, to improve safety they integrate an alarm system to warn us if the battery that ignites the fires has run out or if it detects a gas leak.

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With regard to the hood, it is an integrated extractor that ensure that it offers a power similar to that of a traditional bell (the integrated ones are characterized by having less suction force) and that it is numbered in 425 Pa. It counts with a depth of 38.5 centimeters and a slope of 15° and is finished in stainless steel sealed with laser.

Xiaomi kitchen
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Aesthetically they have also achieved a good design, because if not used the cover of the extractor will remain closed and so it is not appreciated so much that we are before a bell. A bell that also offers a reduced sound level of only 52 dB.

And as we have said, it is a system controllable through the mobile so that from the sofa we can turn on the hood, increase the power or control the state of the stoves (flame strength, if there is gas leaks … )

Price and availability

And here comes the eternal problem when it comes to Xiaomi products: availability. A handicap that is also increased here because these are products that require an installation, which makes it possible that although they could be bought in other markets, they need a service by the brand. They will arrive from October 31st and the price of both products is 319 dollars at the exchange.

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