LG presents its new appliances within the range Centum System


If a while ago Haier was protagonist with refrigerators presented at the IFA, now is the turn of another of the companies committed to approach innovative home appliances, which are far from old refrigerators or washing machines with which many have grown.

In addition, it is that the premises that LG wants to point with their new products are summarized in two factors: durability and energy efficiency. With these features, LG at IFA presents a refrigerator and a washing machine belonging to the new Centum System range.

Both products feature the latest technology, Motor Inverter Direct Drive in the washer and the Compressor Inverter Linear Compressor in the refrigerator, designed especially to make us save on electricity bill.

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Washer Turbo Wash

This new front – load washer comes equipped with Centum System and is designed to meet the needs of users who want to carry out responsible energy consumption. And it is thanks to this system, the machine consumes 60% less energy than the threshold required for the A +++ certification, the highest rate of energy efficiency.

This consumption is also not limited to the inclusion of other features and is also looking for ease of use has a renewed cushioning system that reduces vibration and noise to stay in only 67 dB. Can we stand before a washing machine that does not seem a plane?

To complete the technologies incorporated this machine also incorporates Turbo Wash, which allows a full cycle in just 49 minutes, so that together with the reduction in consumption of light also the consumer will also experience a reduction in water consumption (Turbo Wash uses 17% less per cycle) something very interesting especially for areas where water is a good that does not shine by its abundance.

Refrigerators Centum System

In addition, if we talked about washing machines at IFA LG it has dared with new refrigerators, in this case a combi model type and a double door, which also bet on Centum System technology.

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This is a combi fridge which has the maximum energy certification A +++ -30% which comes with a model side-by-side (double door), which holds certification A +++ -10%. Both models feature engine compressor Inverter Linear Compressor, which also has a service life of 20 years.

Also in the refrigerator we will find as the Korean company has chosen to include a screen arranged vertically that makes use of the various applications that we remove party. A screen that serves for us to use as a notepad and place information on users and products on the refrigerator.

A screen as we say, is translucent, so you can see what’s in the refrigerator without opening it only to a slight bump on it.

The latest technology reaches our kitchen with some appliances eyes of our grandparents seem taken from a science fiction novel and gradually get ready to gain a foothold in our homes.

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