AddWash Samsung, the most efficient washing machine


Have you not yet seen the new appliance that will revolutionize the world of laundry? We refer to the washer AddWash Samsung.

Equipped with a double door in the drum, so that you can add clothes in all phases of the wash easily, the new washer AddWash Samsung will become your best ally home.

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One of its most important advantages is the ability to add items at any time of the wash cycle by simply pressing the pause button and leave a margin of about three seconds. You can also add extra fabric softener directly into the drum of the washing machine in order to be able to offer a more intense fragrance to your clothes. Since the washing machine drum is a surface exposed to moisture it is appropriate to leave the door open appliance after use.

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This new machine is capable of withstanding up to 7,000 openings, weight 50kg and child lock. This model remains committed EcoBubble action, in order to increase their efficiency and care washing. As if this were not enough, AddWash Samsung incorporates WiFi, which together with the Smart Home application lets you establish a connection from anywhere.

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