Five tips on air conditioners

air conditioners

Not sure whether to choose a portable air conditioner or a fixed one? Not sure what the appropriate temperature or type of maintenance is? There are always many doubts when it starts to get hot: we have answered five frequently asked questions and if you are thinking of buying one thanks to us you can save.

With the arrival of summer and heat, we would like to have our houses fresh. If you are thinking of buying an air conditioner, know that we have managed to get an advantageous price directly from the manufacturer, the best result in our test.

In this hot day many people asked us about the air conditioners and their use. We have chosen five: here are the answers from our experts.

Is a portable or fixed air conditioner better?

Air conditioners laptops are generally less efficient than split wall because they are often a one-piece, also to allow to release the heat from the room you are forced to leave a gap (for the passage of the tube) and this affects the local climate. Consider that they are often noisy having the compressor in the room where you are staying.

air conditioners

What is the right temperature?

The best temperature, even to not exceed consumption, is around 25°C, but it is always better not to fall below 6-7°C compared to the outside because an excessive temperature drop can be dangerous to health. Moreover, electricity consumption is lower if you use air conditioning at a higher temperature.

What kind of maintenance should I do? Are there obligations like for boilers?

There are no legal obligations for installations below 12 KW or for domestic installations, but our advice is to check the refrigerant gas and clean the battery so that it is as efficient as possible. The frequency of checks depends on the hours of use. If you don’t use it often (even in winter) you don’t need to do it often, but about every 3-4 years. Every year, however, clean the filters under running water and with baking soda.

Is there a difference between the water of the indoor unit and that of the outdoor unit?

There are no differences. You can reuse the condensation water for cleaning, to water (not always because it is demineralized and therefore poor for the plants) or for the iron, but in this case follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

Do air conditioner filters remove viruses and bacteria? Are they useful for those who are allergic?

The important thing is to avoid water stagnation where bacteria could proliferate, such as Legionella, but the risk in domestic plants is very low. Several manufacturers offer filters that should break down any bacteria and viruses in the room, but at the moment there are no studies showing their effectiveness. Taking into account the air volume of the room and the continuous air exchange of the rooms it is difficult to hypothesize that the air treatment process can lead to real benefits for an allergic person.

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