Summer comes and do you run out of ice at home? These Taurus machines can get you out of trouble

Taurus machines

In the summer, it is customary to have dinners at home or meals that given the warmth invite you to take something fresh. For this in our refrigerators / freezers, we always have some ice bucket to the rescue or in the worst case; we can go to the neighborhood store to buy an ice pack. But what if none of these options is possible?

We then have the option of making the ice ourselves, which can take quite some time so that one of the new ice makers that has launched Taurus can be an interesting option.

And is that the manufacturer has introduced their new ice making machines. Three models with different features and capabilities that allow the creation of ice in a short time and without having to depend on our freezer.

Taurus machines
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They are based on a drip system that works in combination with a rapid cooling process. A mixture that allows you to create ice cubes in less than an hour. There are three machines each with different capacities: 1.7 liters capacity MG 12, 1.6 liters MG 15 Digital and 1.8 liters MG 17 Elegance.

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These are its characteristics …

  • 150W
  • 1.7, 1.6 and 1.8 liters
  • Up to 15 kg of cubes in 24 hours (approx. 1h – 35 cubes)
  • LCD control screen (in MG 15 Digital and MG 17 Elegance)
  • Water tank and removable cubes
  • Notice for lack of water in storage
  • Refrigerant gas R600
  • Programmable
Taurus machines
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The MG 17 Elegance is the most complete of the 3 models because it includes a cold water dispenser and an LCD screen, just like the M15 Digital. They also have a water tank that prevents us from having a permanent water intake.

With the three models you can create up to 15 kilos of cubes in 24 hours and we can keep abreast of the process by means of the light indicators or by means of the screen in the upper models.

Price and availability

The three models can already be found in the market at prices ranging from 199 dollars MG 12 Legend, to 299 dollars MG 15 Digital to 349 dollars MG 17 Elegance.

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