How to choose the best dishwasher for home


Here we are: you have decided to buy a dishwasher, or to change what you have for “aged”. Impose a catalog of household appliances or enter a specialized store and you are assailed by the doubt: and now, which one do I buy? Many models, many brands, many versions, all kinds of technical data that pop up from the labels and invites you to take this or that. Which one to choose? How to find the best dishwasher? Here is a short summary guide that explains what are all the elements and data to keep in mind when choosing this appliance.

Find the best dishwasher

As always happens, the choice of an appliance is not easy. We have in mind what we want, but when we go to the shopping center or the retailer, here appear before us dozens if not hundreds of different models, each with its own characteristics. So, how to choose the best dishwasher for our needs. Yes, because the term “best” is never absolute, but always relative to what we really need.

Well, we always start from the technical sheet of what we have identified as a potential purchase.


Tips for buying the best dishwasher possible

If you are about to buy a dishwasher, consider …

  • The position of electricity attacks and water loading and unloading
  • The measurements of the space at your disposal
  • If the dishwasher is to be recessed, remember that the dimensions of the dishwasher will be slightly reduced
  • If the dishwasher is free-standing, remember that the dimensions of the dishwasher will be slightly larger than the standard ones (unless you choose a compact model with a few covers)
  • Choose a dishwasher with 4-6-9-12 or 15 seats depending on how many people you are at home
  • Choose a dishwasher with energy-saving programs
  • If you can afford an advanced model, choose it with the electronic sensors, because it is programmed automatically according to the load

Technical data sheet of the dishwasher

On the technical-information sheet of the dishwasher, it is first indicated if that model is of the free-standing type or “recessed” type; there are then the following information …

  • Covered: It indicates how many covered can wash the dishwasher. “Covered” refers to all dishes, glasses, cutlery and crockery necessary for one person
  • Program: It indicate the number and name of the washing programs. Some models can have up to 10 programs
  • Energy consumption: The data expressed in kW consumed in a normal cycle
  • Water consumption: Given expressed in liters for a normal cycle


Energy label or energy label

There is also the so-called “energy label”.

The energy label of the dishwasher shows the data relating to the electricity consumption of the appliance.

Three different classes are indicated in the dishwashers: a) the average energy efficiency for each wash cycle b) the wash class, depending on how much water on average is consumed per wash cycle c) the energy class of the drying process. In all three cases, classes can go from A (the one that consumes less) to F (the one that consumes the most).

To give an example, a 12-dish dishwasher with energy efficiency class A, consumes in a normal cycle at 50°C or 60°C, about 1 KWh and 13-14 liters of water.

Use economic programs to save even more and for example exclude drying; to dry the dishes, just leave the door open and circulate the air.

The best dishwasher I can buy

The best dishwasher I can buy has the following characteristics …

  • Electronic sensors with automatic programming according to the load
  • At least 10 washing programs to choose from
  • Triple class A, energy efficiency, water and drying
  • Delayed starting device
  • Safety devices to prevent overflow, overheating and leaks

Installing the dishwasher at home

The dishwasher needs three attacks …

  • Electric current
  • Water system with a loading pump
  • Sewage system with a drain pump

To prepare these attacks it is necessary to ask for the plumber’s intervention.

When planning the purchase of a kitchen including a dishwasher, always take into account where the relative attacks are placed in the wall, so you do not miss the measures of receipt during the purchase, even if usually before buying a kitchen an inspection is made by experts, just to avoid this type of inconvenience.

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