Real Money Gambling At Social Media Sites

There has been a lot of crossing over into real money gambling recent times by major social media sites. The past five years have seen social media sites such as Facebook and Zynga try and get a portion of the lucrative real money gambling industry. Real money gambling is thought to be the next billion dollar opportunity. The attractiveness of online gambling is in the convenience that it offers to the public. The ability to bet from the comfort of your living room is a seductive offer that few gamblers can resist.  Entrepreneurs have seen the opportunities in the industry and have optimistically invested.

It was only a matter of time before the big dogs of the Internet noticed and demanded their share of the pie. Up to 2014 almost all gambling on Social Media sites was free. People could enjoy a couple hands of blackjack or poker and even spin the reels of the latest online casinoslot machine at social media sites for free.

Social gambling is a booming industry. You can find social gambling sites at big name social media sites like Facebook and Google+. These are sites that allow people to play for free but make their money on in-app purchases.

Zynga was the first to offer real money casino games to players in 2014. Their ZyngaPlusPokeron Facebook offered players a chance to place real money bets on poker games. The app was launched in the UK but it was not as successful as the company had hoped. Facebook took the lessons that it learned in the Zynga venture and is using them in other European markets. It is Facebook’s policy not to offer real money games in restricted areas. As they expand into Asian Markets and American markets we can be sure that the real money gambling on social sites will continue to grow and promote online casinos.

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