How to pick a fume hood?

Fume Hood

When choosing a hood we have two parameters to consider, design and engine or extraction capacity.

Bells designs

In terms of design it is very personal with the likes of each and the available budget. The main ones are decorative wall both horizontally, as the new ranges ranging wall inclined towards the hotplate.

Fume Hood
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There are also models for islands, where no walls around, and the bell is held by the roof structure and a typically stainless bezel.

The Ultraflat that are attached to a wall unit and can be fixed or that are extracted to cover more surface when cooking, and once finished them in the off position and take up less space. Also the filter groups, which can be fixed under a cabinet. These are for us if we choose as a bell construction, wood or any other material is inserted inside and provides the same functions as a bell, light, different speeds, deferred stops, etc.

The power hoods

As for the power that you need, measures of our kitchen and piping have to keep in mind to remove the smoke outside.

For engine power, there is an estimate that is enough to know what we need. Is this:

Sqm kitchen x height of the kitchen renovations x 12 hour = m3 engine.

For example our kitchen measures 14 square meters and 2’80 tall, the result is:

2’80 x 14 x 12 = 470 m3

We need for minimum suction bell 470 cubic meters per hour suction. If you opt for a more powerful sound we can improve the model, because to have a correct aspiration not have to work at the maximum speed of the hood and make less noise.

All this is closely linked with the extraction piping disposal. We need to check the model chosen bell diameter tube that asks us, because if the tube is lower than our kitchen, can cause a malfunction of the hood. This is because the ability of air that can suck the hood does not fit through the tube and causes return inward, we will increase noise and lose extraction capacity.

Consider also how many elbows have our facility and how long it is to the outside, because each side extraction capacity remains the engine, and the distance to the outside as well.

In short, we have to check that installation, and choose the best model in extraction capacity adapted to our facility, and if we can change the installation, choose the campaign that we like and if necessary adapt the system to the hood.

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